Danby Silhouette 75 DWC612BLP reviews



Danby Silhouette 75  DWC612BLP customer reports


Danby Silhouette 75 DWC612BLP reviewsWhether for your home or for your business, Danby Silhouette Series Wine Cooler – DWC612BKPL is a perfect choice. Know why it is in this Danby DWC612BLP Review.

Danby DWC612BLP is an amazing wine cooler that can hold up to 75 Bottles and has a lot of features that will ensure the quality of the wine. This free standing wine cooler has a double paned tempered glass door to protect the wine from harmful UV rays which can affect the quality. It also has beech wood-faced wine shelves.  It also looks good with its design having a black cabinet with platinum door trim. The door is recessed to provide ease in opening. The materials that is used to make this wine cooler is durable and can last for many years.

This wine cooler not only looks good and classy with its beautiful exterior, it also cools the wine in the highest quality possible. The wine cooler uses a compressor type of cooling system and the temperature range is from 6 °C – 14°C (42.8°F – 57.2°F). The thermostat is adjustable. Its temperature display is in LED Readout and it uses digital display. The whole wine cooler has a single temperature zone meaning it cools wine at the same temperature throughout the cooler. The Precision Electronic Controls and LED Temperature Indicator ensure that you control of what would be best for your wine.

In the wine cooler, there are 8 flat shelves, 1 Offset shelf, and 1 layered shelf. In the flat shelf, 6 bottles can be put, 5 on the offset, and 12 in the layered. This totals to 75 bottles in the wine cooler.

This wine bottle has a dimension of 58-13/16″ x 23-10/16 ” x 25-11/16″ (H x W x D).


Danby DWC612BLP Wine Cooler Specifics and Features:

–          75-Bottle Capacity

–          Single temperature zone

–          Precisely Set Temperature Between 6°C – 14°C (42.8°F – 57.2°F)

–          Beechwood-Faced Wine Shelves

–          Tinted Tempered Glass Door

–          Cooling System Type: Compressor

–          Adjustable Thermostat: Yes

–          Digital: Yes

–          Temperature Range: 6°C – 14°C (42.8°F – 57.2°F)

–          Temperature Display: LED Readout

–          Compartments (Distinct Zones): 1

–          Number of Shelves: 8 Flat, 1 Offset, 1 Layered

–          Bottles per Shelf Flat: 6; Offset: 5; Layered: 12

–          Door Handle: Recessed

–          Field Reversible: Yes

–          Tinted/UV Protective: Yes

–          Dimension: (Height) 58-13/16″ x (Width) 23-10/16 ” x (Depth) 25-11/16″


Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler – DWC612BLP never fails to satisfy its owners as it keeps the quality of the wine. According to the Danby DWC612BLP customer reports, this wine cooler is truly a great investment in a business and a great asset at home.