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DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia customer reports


DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia reviews

Enjoy authentic espresso experience the Italian way with the DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia. This espresso coffee maker gives the users the chance to create and taste authentic espresso without having to live the comfort of their own home. DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia has successfully satisfied its users of the clashing needs for convenience and good espresso. Definitely for people who love caffeine, the convenience that this maker presents is rather hard to resists.  So in this DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia review, we will discuss all the features and advantages of getting this machine so it will be easier for you to decide if this is the espresso coffee maker that you have been looking for. To better guide you in your hunt, we will also lay down to you all the issues that owners are experience, basing from various DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia customer reports.   For starters, DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia is an electric Moka espresso maker. Moka is known to produce inherently aromatic espresso. Moka stovetops are actually well known for creating amazing coffee. With the DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia, you are getting the best of both worlds. It is more portable and easier to use than the traditional stovetop. More so, it is electric so you can bring it just about anywhere. The DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia also created new features that will ensure the safety of its users.

DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia employs two-level safety system that automatically shuts off the machine when the maker has finished brewing and when the body is lifted out from the base. Furthermore, this espresso coffee maker also comes with two functions that will ensure not only your safety, but also the taste of your coffee. The automatic shut off with keep warm function is designed to keep your coffee warm for up to thirty minutes after the brewing process.

While the automatic safety shut off makes sure that your espresso will not burn or overflow. DeLonghi EMK6’s container is transparent so that users can easily check on their coffee. This is especially important for meticulous and discerning coffee drinkers.  Added to that, this coffee maker also comes with the filter adapter that lets the users choose how many cups of espresso coffee do they want to make. The options start from three cups up to six.

Apart from all these features, DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia is very easy to operate. There is an on and off switch that illuminates when the unit is in operation. Cleaning the unit is also a breeze. As for DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia customer reports, we can conclude that this coffee maker actually delivers its promises. Many customers are satisfied and happy with this machine. There is really no big deal breaker that will make this espresso coffee maker a bad buy. We hope this DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia review has somehow helped you make your decision.