DeLonghi Lattissima Plus EN520SL Espresso Machine reviews


DeLonghi Lattissima customer reports


DeLonghi Lattissima Plus EN520SL Espresso Machine reviewsCoffee-enthusiasts, here’s the new machine for that great coffee experience—DeLonghi Lattissima Plus EN520SL Espresso Maker. This is a well-liked espresso machine because it offers various enhanced features such as the single touch system for hot milk. Read on for more DeLonghi Lattissima Review.

A cup of frothed coffee in the morning and a hot espresso in the evening, the sound of this might excite you even more. Now, having frothed coffee is in one touch in the espresso machine. Not only it has an attractive exterior design but also it has many automatic features and unique systems built into the machine. One of which is the single touch system for froth milk which ensures convenience. Now, you can enjoy the café experience in your very home.

Moreover, this espresso machine is easy to clean because it offers some useful cleaning features. It has a built-in “clean” button and the milk unit is detachable so it is easy to clean in one touch.

You simply need a blower which puts steam through the nozzle to clear out any remnants of milk. Also, since it has a sliding drip tray, it makes cleaning simple as you won’t have to bother cleaning accumulated milk and/or coffee.

The operation of this DeLonghi Lattissima espresso machine is quiet even if it is used for a long time. It also has illuminated controls for easy access. Its coffee capsule system eliminates measuring so that you won’t have to bother about measuring the ingredients of your coffee. It also produces great quality coffee as it uses the just right temperature in making your coffee.

This espresso machine is also durable as it can last for long since it is made of high quality materials. This espresso machine is also compact and light so that it will be easy to be placed anywhere in your home.

DeLonghi Lattissima Plus EN520SL Espresso Machine Characteristics and Features:

– Single Touch System for hot and frothed milk
– Illuminated Controls for Easy Access
– Compact and light for easy placement
– Sliding drip tray makes cleaning simple
– Coffee Capsule system eliminates measuring
– Easy maintenance with “Clean” button option
– Automatic features like cleaning and capsule ejection

According to the DeLonghi Lattissima customer reports, many have come to love this DeLonghi Lattissima Plus EN520SL Espresso Machine especially with its great single touch system for having that frothed milk that you love. Really, many users have found this coffee espresso machine the best one there is. “For me, I treat this machine as a best friend in anytime of the day. Yes—ANY time! I just love the feeling that I have that café feeling right in my kitchen!”