DEWALT DC725KA customer reports


DEWALT DC725KA reviews

This DEWALT DC725KA for sale is a unit that can handle and run everything from masonry, wood, steel and concrete, this 18 cordless hammer drill kit is a superior and highly durable product from Dewalt. It features a sturdy and dependable motor which is frameless and this particular unit enables the user to quickly accomplish drilling projects no matter how big or small. This DEWALT DC725KA review will provide all the things that you need to know about this product from Dewalt to satisfy all your features and specs curiosity.

The user will be able to use the dual range, speed control and also its easy grip for certain work or performance with less effort. Moreover, this particular hammer drill from Dewalt comes with a kit that includes 2 NiCad batteries that are 18 volts, a sturdy kit box, a 1-hour NiCad charger, and a screwdriver set.

Included in the DEWALT DC725KA deals is the frameless motor which has superior and reliable quality that can handle providing a max of 410unit watts. This particular compact hammer drill has the capacity to take care of a wide range of tasks. Moreover, it also showcase a variable speed control ranging from 1 – 500/0 to 170rpm and also from 0 – 8500/0 to 29000bpm to enable the user to accomplish perfect hole positioning and perform depending on the project’s material.

Moreover, this dependable tool from Dewalt comes with an easy grip that will allow the user to be able to accomplish the job with precision.

It has a well-designed handle grip that makes controlling the unit easier while the side handle (360 degree) provides options in hand positioning to choose which one is applicable for a specific task, therefore, lessening your exhaustion when handling a lengthy project. These features are the reasons why more and more people are taking advantage of DEWALT DC725KA discounted price.

More features of this unit that weighs 4.9 lbs. include a cordless design that enables the user to be able to get the job done with convenience without having to deal with the hassles of having a cord or outlet, which saves you time and also make the job more effortless.

Moreover, the charging only takes 1 hour, so you will be able to reduce the work pause as you can rapidly recharge its NiCad batteries.

The DEWALT DC725KA ratings are up the chart because this model has a smart and easy to use design. With its all steel .5 thick chuck, and its hammer drill that is .5 inch, and the one-sleeve ratcheting chuck that decreases the possibility of slips as you do the task.  Finally, this unit comes with a warranty package that include 3 years of limited warranty and a 1 yr. of service for free.