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DeWalt DC725KA customer reports


DeWalt DC725KA reviewsIf you have been in search of a cordless drill capable of handling just about anything you ask it do then this DeWalt DC725KA review may just persuade you that this is what you have been looking for. DeWalt’s reputation for power tools is well founded with a superb range of tools designed and built for use over many years, in addition DeWalt provide excellent support and service should you ever need to turn to them for assistance.

While being compact and relatively light it is an incredibly durable product that is capable of handling long periods of drilling duties and is comfortable to use in such conditions with an excellent ergonomic and balanced design.

The highlight features include dual gearing and variable speed ranges for each gear, making it possible to switch from high-speed/low torque to low-speed/high torque with ease, allowing for use in a huge variety of drilling jobs be it to drill wood, metal, brick or concrete. The keyless chuck of half inch provides sufficient flexibility for use with a large variety of accessories.

The battery (there are two included on purchase) can be charged and ready to use within one hour with the use of a quick NiCad charger (also included). The charger features what DeWalt name a “tune up” mode, whereby the battery cells are balanced during the charging process which holds a longer charge. To use the “tune up” feature, charge the battery as normal but if you leave the battery in place beyond the one hour mark, the charger will automatically go in to “tune up” mode and will continue to charge up to eight hours. This tune up charge is recommended, by DeWalt, to be done after 10 charges (for one battery) or once a week, whichever target you reach first.

The breaking mechanism in this model is a nice touch; many cheap drills tend to not stop immediately when you remove your finger from the trigger but not in this case, it stops dead. It is a useful feature if you tend to pull away from drilling and place the drill down on a cluttered surface, with a “dead” drill bit the chances of scratching something is vastly reduced. In addition to the braking mechanism, there a locking button to prevent accidental powering up of the drill.

Dewalt DC725KA customer reports claim the positioning of the LED light that is supposed to aid visibility in a confined space; the reality is that it is positioned badly the chuck and drill bits obscuring the light beam. If you rely on the light source you cannot as much as you would otherwise expect.

If you want a compact and light drill for work in tight spaces then this DeWalt DC725KA Hammer Drill is ideal but is also suitable for everyday light commercial and handyman use. It is supplied in a convenient and stylish carrying case.