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DeWalt DC970K-2 customer reports


DeWalt DC970K-2 reviewsA man`s tool collection that he has carefully gathered over the years is his pride. The power tools are the hevy cavlery of the collection and now days are indespensable. Dewalt is a leader in the power tool and personal protective equipment market. In the next few paragraphes I`m going to attempt to put together a DeWalt DC970K-2 review, to help all you real men out there to add another power tool to your repertoire.

The design is good, not the best in the world, but not one that is displeasing to the eye either. It comes in black an yellow, the DeWalt companies traditional colours. It is a 18V cordless drill and it generates up to 1500 RPM. Not very heavy, just 5,2 lbs, but a little bit heavier than other drills from its class. But if you remember that hevier means often more durable, you should be fine with it. The NiCd battery has a change rating of 1.7 Ah.

The DeWalt DC970K-2, if bought,comes with two NiCd batteries. The chuck is made form metal, but its sleeve is from plastic, so if you are going to drop it multiple times there is a chance that it may break. One neat inovation is that the single sleeve chuck is equipped with a auto spindle lock, making the drill bit change, possible with only one hand. To ensure that the DC970K-2 model has a long lifespan, DeWalt has thrown in a 3 year warranty. On the other hand the drill has no belt hook making it time consuming to leave it somewhere and then resuming work.

The DeWalt DC970K-2 customer reports have given it, in most cases, a 5 star rating. While not exceding in any department, it is a very good all rounder. Users have made it clear that it has enough power to drill 3” screws through hard and dry wood. Here are some examples in that sense: ` The drill has a lot of power to drive in 3” screws into double 2”x4”s without predrilling`, ` I`ve been able to easily screw in 3” construction screws into dry fig`. Not only have the ones who bought it been happy, but they have also recommended it to other people.

With the price hovering around $90-$110, the DeWalt DC970K-2 customers reports say it is a bargain. For my point of view this should be right up there with your other power tools. It has enough power and RPM to drill through any type of wood. You can change the drill bit with only one hand and one battery lasts you almost the whole day. If you are not sure you can finish the job you have the spare battery to help you with your work.. Being a DeWalt product it has a guaranteed quality and I strongly recommend buying it.