DEWALT DW087K customer reports


DEWALT DW087K reviews

This DEWALT DW087K for sale is a product that has a line laser that is self-leveling, the user will be able to get the right measurements that is important to remodeling and construction jobs.  This line laser can be utilized for both vertical and horizontal uses and provides accurate readings regardless even with lengthy distances. This DEWALT DW087K review will be able to offer this unit’s specifications and features.

Some of the product features includes in DEWALT DW087K deals  is the easy to use single button for convenient operation, self-leveling that is within 5⁰, that also provides accuracy in measurements within 1/8” at 30 ft. This model’s visibility range for indoors is approximately 50 ft. Furthermore, it has an accurate line laser that will be able to give you the confidence to you complicated projects with ease as it showcase a single button operation and a pivot bracket that it magnetic which ensures the precision that is required to do the project.

Another great feature of this product will be observed while you are lining the fixtures of lighting and flooring as this particular unit from Dewalt has a line laser that is self -leveling and it removed the annoying and untidy chalk lines or computations that can be difficult and frustrating. The effective tools provide that self-leveling at 5 degrees that offers a convenient, fast and dependable measurement and also this unit is precise within a distance of 30 ft. within 1/8”. In addition to that, DEWALT DW087K ratings is on top because it is made of Dewalt which is dedicated and known to offer products with superior quality.

It was specifically designed for convenient use; this particular Dewalt unit provides a single button operation. No fuss and no complex features which will allow the user to save time to be able to accomplish the work more efficiently. This model also has a pivot bracket that is magnetic that enables the levels to be placed or mounted quickly and conveniently on a steel surface. And when the user is doing a project indoors, the visibility of the level’s red laser line would be as far as the distance of 50 ft.

A lot of people take advantage of DEWALT DW087K discounted price because of these features and more. This unit comes with a set of 3 batteries (AA) that can power the unit for up to twenty hrs. of runtime, so it can save so much power and you don’t have to change every so often.

The unit’s housing allows sustaining the calibration even with difficult conditions on the job site and it comes with a tough box kit that secures the laser when not in use. This particular unit comes with a one year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty.