DEWALT DW7440RS customer reports


DEWALT DW7440RS reviews

This DEWALT DW7440RS for sale is known for its reliability and flexibility. This table saw stand is made out of durable aluminum materials with state of the art details. It will enable the user to be able to get the job done with ease because he will be able to work at the suitable height while also assisting the user to be able to execute precise and smooth cuts. This DEWALT DW7440RS review will provide you with information regarding the features and specifications of this product.

This particular unit is has a weight of 33 lbs. it has legs that are foldable that’s why it is easy to move with its highly durable wheels. That’s why the user can conveniently transfer this unit as often as he wants or whenever necessary. But even if it is designed for increased portability, DEWALT DW7440RS deals never fail on the quality of the performance. And because it is made out of aluminum, this model from Dewalt is lightweight but sturdy. Furthermore, this particular unit can handle approximately 200 lbs. of weight.

The stability of this unit is impeccable that’s why more and more people are taking advantage of DEWALT DW7440RS discounted rate. This model has a wide base and balanced legs on its rear that offer support and steadiness to the saw stand. It is also equipped with fast-release levers that enable the legs of the unit to be folded for easy storage.  In addition, this Dewalt saw stand has a highly durable kickstand that enables the table to stay upright even with the attached saw to increase the movement or mobility of the unit.

For extra convenience, if you will be loading or unloading, there is a feature of fast-connect brackets that are attached to the saw, making it easier for the saw to be detached.

You will notice that DEWALT DW7440RS ratings are high and that’s because of its unique and superb features.  It is not only lightweight and easy to move around, it is also highly durable and it’s a product that you can expect to last a very long time. It is equipped with strong wheels to roll over debris on the site, curbs and steps.

Furthermore, it has an easy grip handle that is retractable and it slides out when it needs to be moved which enables the use to pull the unit conveniently. This will allow the unit’s weight fixed on the floor so that it can reduce any back or neck pains while working on it.

Finally, this particular unit from Dewalt has rubber feet so that it will remain stable and secure while you’re working to avoid any injuries and also destruction to your work. And this product will allow a better posture for you while you’re working, thus, preventing unnecessary body pains.