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Dewalt DW745 reviews

If you are into carpentry and different kinds of do-it-yourself jobs, you should go ne with reading this Dewalt DW745 review, so that you will be provided with an idea on what new piece of equipment can be purchased to help you do your job easier. Today, when you are looking for tools, one of the things that should be looked upon would be that it should be portable, which means that you can have it easily transferred from one place to the other. In the rest of this article, you will see that this portable saw will prove to be one tool that you should definitely have. The consistency and power of the performance of this saw has been the subject of many praises given by its users in various Dewalt DW745 customer reports. In order to achieve this kind of superiority in performance, one of the things needed would be a powerful engine, and that is exactly what can be seen in this saw from Dewalt. With the 15 amp, high torque power, its users will surely not end up being disappointed with how this product will perform. This is especially true if you are expecting to complete a tough job, which may be too hard for other saws to complete, but just a breeze when you use this product of Dewalt.

In addition, another important feature of this tool that should be mentioned in this Dewalt DW745 review is the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System, which will basically provide its users with the opportunity to complete tool-free adjustments. The rack-and-pinion fence is also another thing that should be highlighted, as it can make it easy for the adjustments on the fence to go on as smooth and fast as possible. It is also worth mentioning that this haw has a 16-inch rip capacity, which is pretty large enough for everyone’s needs.

Among other things, perhaps the best feature of this product is with regards to its portability, making it a perfect companion regardless of where the sawing needs to be done. It is very lightweight, as it is only 45 pounds. In addition, it also already comes with a folding table stand that is easy to assemble. You can also have it connected to a Shop-Vac in order to effectively clean up mess once you are done with its use.

If you are still looking for a portable saw that has superior power and performance, you no longer need to be doubtful. In fact, right now, you can already stop looking for possible options and end up with a decision. This product is one thing that you will surely not regret purchasing, especially with the high rating that it was able to receive in various Dewalt DW745 customer reports.