DEWALT DW788 customer reports


DEWALT DW788 reviews

Dewalt is a brand that is popular in the industry of power tools, it is renowned for its superior-quality products and this DEWALT DW788 for sale is no exception. It has a state of the art and innovative products that allows the consumer to be able to do tasks at home with ease and convenience. This DEWALT DW788 review will be able to give you an idea on the best features of this particular product.

This model of the Dewalt scroll saw will be able to ensure precise cuts and reliable to make the quality of your task superb. Moreover, this particular unit has a machine that has significantly low vibration when in use, unlike all the other models in the market. The reason why the vibration is much tolerable is because the machine has a 2 parallel link arm structure. In addition, this particular structure of the unit enables the user’s arm to hinge from back to front of the scroll saw. Through this, it will be able to reduce the length of the distance that the arm require to be able to move that will result to convenient, smoother and noise-reduced task, making DEWALT DW788 deals worth the investment. Furthermore, with reduced vibration, the cuts will be exact and it will be easier to accomplish. This product’s design may reduce the possibility of errors when cutting; all you have to do is key-in the blade at 90-degree angle to whatever tasks that you are trying to complete.

The next feature of this product is the speed control. This particular model has a user friendly design especially to where the controls are situated, making it more accessible for the user, the controls are situated on the front part – the on and off switch, the saw’s speed control and also the blade tension levers are all accessible to the user.  The front part/arm has a built in dust-blower to enable the user to work within an area where the user is working on.

Another reason why people should take advantage of DEWALT DW788 discounted rates is the durable and reliable 1.3 AMP powerful motor that will enable adjustable lengths of strokes about half an inch to 2 inches. With the speed control of this unit, you will be able to select and use the speed from about 400 – 1750 strokes/minute. This feature enables the user to be precise in his work and to have better control  when cutting.

The DEWALT DW788 ratings are still up the charts because of these features and more. This unit has an innovative system that allows the user to chance the blade in a matter of seconds.  It has been made possible by Dewalt and called the feature tool free blade clamps. It works a great advantage because it will save the user a lot of time to make the tasks more convenient.