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DHS Hurricane-I reviewsIf you are on the lookout for a professional table tennis paddle, it is important to read different product reviews first before buying one, such as this DHS Hurricane-I review. In this article, we will provide you a brief look on the paddle’s features and specifications. Furthermore, we will also be looking on various DHS Hurricane-I customer reports to see how this particular paddle model is accepted by its users.

On the first glance, you will easily notice how different DHS Hurricane-I from other table tennis paddles out in the market. The paddle features a 7-ply pure wood blade. This gives DHS Hurricane-I a good mix of light but tough wood body, which is very ideal for a racket. In table tennis, you need a paddle that is very easy to handle so as to avoid cramps, but is still able to give and receive strong hits. With this, you can be sure of maximum comfort even during long hours of playing. Furthermore, the manufacturer recognizes that comfort is nothing if the paddle cannot perform excellently.

To give nothing less than a powerful performance, the rubbers in the paddles are strategically located so that DHS Hurricane-I can give stronger power and express speed and spin. Many users are actually attesting on how this paddle changed and levelled up their game. Also, according to some customer reviews, when DHS Hurricane-I is used during a game with somebody on the same skill set, this paddle gives them an advantage over their opponent.

However, if you are used with shake-hand grip when playing then you may find it a little hard to adjust to DHS Hurricane-I. This racket has a shorter handle since it is designed for penhold grip. According to various DHS Hurricane-I customer reports, it may take time for shake-hand grip users to get used to this, but once they do, playing is smooth and fluid. This is one of the biggest factors that you should consider before getting this particular table tennis racket.

Over all, even if some users had a hard time adjusting on the penhold grip, the DHS Hurricane-I still received easy recommendations. Many people say that it definitely helped them improve their table tennis skills. It provides great control over the ball, and is able to receive and give strong hits. Added to that, it gives powerful spin and speed. With all these features, it is unquestionable why DHS Hurricane-I is highly recommended for top table tennis players. You can buy this racket over different online stores and is being retailed for less than $100. We hope that you will make this DHS Hurricane-I review a reference once you decide to get yourself a table tennis paddle.