DHS Hurricane-II reviews



DHS Hurricane-II customer reports

DHS Hurricane-II reviews

DHS (Double Happiness) might be known for being table tennis manufacturer in China but it’s one of the most trusted and well-known brands when it comes to table tennis. DHS Hurricane-2 is recommended for both beginners and advanced players. Read more about this table tennis racket on DHS Hurricane-II Review.

When it comes to table tennis racket, you shouldn’t hesitate in purchasing any DHS table tennis equipments made in China because if you don’t know, DHS was the official table tennis equipments supplier for the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Choosing the right racket in playing table tennis is important since different rackets produces different effects during the play. Some produces high speed attacks, some produces incredible spins. Many people have tried it and said that the rackets are really outstanding.

The Hurricane’s rubber on one side is super offensive that produces high speed attacks. The other side of the racket has the G555 rubber. This rubber is slightly less offensive but with such viscosity that makes incredible spins with little effort. The paddle of the racket provides with more control and the weight of the racket is just right—neither too light nor too heavy. This is the reason why it is easy to use.

This racket is highly recommended for offensively-inclined players that need to retain control and considerable defensive capabilities. This racket is truly a wonderful and powerful weapon.

At first, the rubber of the racket may be hard. It is recommended that tuning it 5 to 6 times before using will soften the rubber a bit.

The materials used in the racket are high quality. This ensures long lasting and high durability.

Many professionals have tried this racket and they were amazed with the outstanding performance of the racket. It produces great spin attacks and retains control. It is good in countering and blocking attacks.


DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Table Tennis Racket Specifics and Features:

–          Hardness: 40 degrees

–          Speed: 120

–          Spin: 120

–          Control: 100

–          Medium Tacky

–          Sponge Hardness: Medium

–          Highly recommended for aggressive and offensive players

–          easy to hold paddle

Table tennis is sure fun and exciting to play for both recreational and professional intensions. It produces high speed attacks and great spins while maintaining control. According to the DHS Hurricane-II customer reports, they are glad that they have bought the racket because it certainly improved their game play. For the beginners, they were happy in using it since it produces strong attacks in minimal effort. DHS is truly a great table tennis racket manufacturer. It’s no wonder that the DHS produces nothing but the best. So why not try this racket?