Highest Rated Mountain Bike from Diamondback


1. Diamondback Bicycles OverdriveBenefits

The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is one of the best hard tail mountain bikes on the market thanks to its versatility.

The bike is made of lightweight alloy.

The Mountain bike offers powerful stopping every time.

It is superbly easy to ride.

Changing gears is effortless due to the bike’s premium quality components.



At least two of the Diamondback Overdrive Hard Tail Complete mountain bike reviews say the unit needs some good mechanical skills to put together.


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Benefits Mentioned

This is the best mountain bike from Diamondback, as it can be used on the road as well as for off-road riding. The bike looks really good so you can use it on daily commutes or for riding casually down the street. You can get this bike dirty and take part in scratch racing with it when you want to. This mountain bike can tackle trails with ease. It offers easy riding no matter what kind of terrain you use it on.


2. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive


The bike is made of a lightweight, responsive and strong combination of metal, namely, aluminum alloy. The alloy frame prevents rust. The alloyed elements provide improved corrosion resistance, strength and build integrity. The alloy material also helps the bike withstand riding stresses.


The bike offers powerful stopping that is easy to control. There is no heat transfer to the rims, so you are able to brake powerfully on demand and in critical situations. The mechanical disc brakes are easily activated even in muddy or wet conditions. The bike lets you pedal backwards without the brakes engaging. The alloy material lets you optimize a better braking surface that will not rust.


The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is designed as a midlevel ride. The large 29-inch wheel size makes the bike easy to roll over obstacles. This mountain bike provides smooth and effortless runs on hard trails. It is structured around an aluminum alloy frame outfitted with a Suntour suspension fork that delivers extra control plus comfort. The bike makes it easy for the rider to adjust the height of the seat without the need for tools. The small raised knobs on the tires help in giving a better grip on dirt and in mud.


You can change gears with a simple push of a thumb button or a pull of the forefinger trigger thanks to the innovative Shimano® EF-51 trigger shifters on the bike. The high quality components the bike is built with ensure a terrific ride on the mountain trail as well as on the road, giving you smooth transitions and of course, peace of mind that you can handle anything the trail throws at you.



Built with a great design and component set, the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike offers superb midlevel riding. The hardtail construction enables the bike to transfer pedaling power more efficiently to the rear wheel during climbing. On the road, the hardtail suspension offers better acceleration and also makes it effortless to remain at higher speeds over an extended period. This mountain bike delivers an exceptional riding experience in any setting.


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