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Dionigi Storia reviewsAfter the success of Dionigi Storia messenger bag, now the Italian manufacturer of this leading brand has launched its second version which is known as Storia II. The major dimensions of this bag are just like its predecessor though this latest bag has a magnetized closure.  This messenger bag is designed both main aspects in the minds which are functionality and style. Each and every bag of this line is especially handcrafted in Italy and the crafters of these bags are not a big fan of mass production of their products, since they prefer the quality over quantity. The makers of this stupendous bag limit their entire production in order to assure that the aficionados of their product will always get most durable and utmost quality.

In this Dionigi Storia review we are going to discuss the different features, pros and cons of this messenger bag. So, first of all let us have a look at various features of Storia which are captivating the eyes of thousands of people all over the world. This Italian leather bag is made of the 100% pure Tuscan leather and boasts an exclusive aroma and leather surface. The surface of the Storia II bag is not buffed in order to remove any sort of minute blemishes and wrinkles. Actually its crafters want to leave the leather surface natural to get an instinctive look.

The bag features a magnetic closure to provide ease to the user. It has two small interior pockets and two main compartments. The dimension of each compartment is about 2″x13. 5″x9. 5, which is good enough for laptop or notebook in it. The front and back, each side of the bag have a large sized zipped pocket which is just perfect to keep things like public transportation passes, keys and street maps. The messenger also has a modifiable shoulder strap which means it can be easily hung onto the shoulder of any person and it really does not matter you are tall or petite sized person.

The width of the Dionigi Storia bag is approximately 14 inches, height is 10 inches and it is about 4 inches deep. When it comes to the weight then Storia II Italian messenger bag is very light in weight and it only weighs 5 pounds. According to the different customer reviews and Dionigi Storia customer reports the look of this bag is different from the other messengers which are similar in size. This is mainly due to the leather treatment that has been done by its professional and highly experienced Italian crafters. The Storia II can also last for many years without dilapidation just because of its durable material of supreme quality and heedful construction. The one and only downside of Storia that has been experienced by some of its users is that its magnetic closure is a little bit disappointing and it needs to be improved.