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Donegan DA-5 reviewsFor people who are into jewellery making, watch making, needle work, electronic inspection, and other applications that need magnification, then you would definitely be interested to Donegan DA-5. This optivisor headband magnifier is provides hands free magnification so you can have full use over your hand when tinkering and viewing in very small objects. With this, the Donegan DA-5 is very useful and suitable for any application that requires much attention to detail such as book-reading, stamp-collecting, print inspection, artwork, and a lot more. If you think you need this for work or hobby, continue reading this article as we will give you a brief Donegan DA-5 review. We will give you an in depth look of its features and specifications so you can have an idea of what this device is all about. With this, you can decide whether this particular magnifier works for you. Knowing more about a specific product helps you land a perfect device for you. This helps in preventing you from doing a purchase that you might regret later on.

The Donegan DA-5 offers 2.5x magnification and 8” focal length to ensure that you are given the best look and view when taking on small objects and detailed applications. However, you cannot adjust Donegan DA-5’s settings. Its magnification and focal length are already pre-set, and if you have a need for a specific magnification power, you have to purchase another magnifier that has your required magnification. On the other hand, its optical glass lenses are ground and polished into prismatic lenses. This ensures that you enjoy full clarity in every use and above market standard quality lenses so you will never miss out any detail, however small it is. More so, the Donegan DA-5 also boasts a comfortable and ergonomic design.

It features an adjustable headband so it can conform and fit variety of head sizes. Added to that, the headband has padded leather around for maximum comfort, even during long hours of use. The Donegan DA-5 can also be worn over prescription and safety glasses. It also weights very light, coming in .67 lbs. Aside from being compact and comfortable, the Donegan DA-5 is also very solid suggesting its high durability. It seems to be able to withstand heavy use.

All in all, if you are big on features, you may deem Donegan DA-5 to be just a basic magnifier. Some people are okay with its simplicity, knowing that they won’t be able to use and maximize the product if it came with grand features, but of course, there are people who want more from their magnifier. However, if you look at its design and construction, you can be sure that the Donegan DA-5 is made durable. It is solid, sturdy, and more importantly, very comfortable. Many Donegan DA-5 customer reports actually attested on how it provides a snugly fit on a variety of head sizes, without a tight feeling on the head. All in all, if you are just looking for a basic magnifier then the Donegan DA-5 is definitely worth checking out.