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Dual XR4115 reviewsIf you are looking for a radio that accommodates your music in file, then the Dual XR4115 is worth checking out. This radio steers away from being a CD- radio player; instead it gives users a more robust connectivity to popular portable media devices. In this Dual XR4115 review article, we will take a look on the features and specifications of this particular radio and see if it is actually a good buy. Unlike most radio players, Dual XR4115 has no CD player. And unlike most radio players, it caters to a wider range of portable media devices.  This radio can play music right from your USB and SD card. This presents much convenience as you just need to plug in your devices in the radio and you are all set. This is particularly handy to those who like storing their music collections to SD cards or USB, instead of collecting CDs. And since USB and SD cards can store more music files, you can enjoy different types of music in just one plug in rather than changing the CD every time. Added to that, you do not have to pile in CDs in your car just to listen to all your favourite songs. The Dual XR4115 also features playback mode for both USB and SD card. With this, you can access your music library.

Though Dual XR4115 may seem a little untraditional for a radio, it still functions as a rational radio in some ways. This radio keeps the basic functions that people love about their radios. You can still listen to your favourite radio programs. It has thirty station pre sets – 18 FM and 12 AM. It also features three-ban equalizer for pop, rock, and jazz. When you decide to buy Dual XR4115 radio, wireless remote control, manual, and wiring harness are all included in the box.

Many Dual XR4115 customer reports attest on the radio’s quality, though some experienced some problems on its FM reception. The sound is excellent and it also boasts a classic design. Installation is also a breeze. If you know some basic things in installing, you can probably do it yourself and save those extra dollars. But like most products, Dual XR4115 gets its share of minor issue that users, otherwise, think could improve.

One thing most consumers notice is that its light stays on, which is distracting especially if you are driving. But if you can live with it, definitely this radio is still worth your money – it is inexpensive, offers nice features, and delivers superior quality. Overall, Dual XR4115 seems a good buy, especially if you are the type of person who keeps their music collections in portable devices.