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Dyson DC39 reviews

The Dyson brand has been known for its vacuum cleaners. And needless to say, it was able to keep its name at the top of the game. In this article, we will focus on Dyson DC39 review. Though many good things have been said about this particular vacuum cleaner, as seen from various Dyson DC39 customer reports, we will still give you a detailed look and review on the machine to help you decide whether the Dyson DC39 really does work for you and suits your home and lifestyle. At the first glance, many people find the design of Dyson DC39 quite radical, even out of this world. But do not judge it at first look. Its design is carefully thought out to make it compact (for easy storage) and for easy mobility. This model has Dyson Cyclone Technology, which is known for cleaning and capturing more dirt and microscopic dust. With this you can be sure that your home is thoroughly cleaned.

The Dyson DC39 also boasts a ball technology that allows the user move around easily with the machine. You can effortlessly manoeuvre in any way you want, and this vacuum cleaner will gladly follow. And since it is easier to control, turning to tight circles and edges are a breeze. With this, you are surely not to miss a spot.  Another thing that people like about Dyson DC39 is that it has a trigger grip on the handle. This feature eliminates the need to bend down every time you want to turn on or off the brush bar. In a quick touch of a button, you can turn it for high pick up on carpets, or turn it off for delicate floors and rugs.



Unlike most vacuum cleaners, Dyson DC39 has a cord return feature. This offers much convenience to every one as manually winding the cords is time consuming. Furthermore, Dyson DC39 comes with a HEPA filter installation for those people with dust and other allergies. Dyson DC39 is very easy to clean. Every piece, except the brush bar, can be washed with water. For the brush bar, it is recommended to manually unclog it from hair and strings. Its filter bag is also washable so there is no need to replace it.

Overall, the Dyson DC39 is actually a reliable vacuum cleaner. It is easy to use and really cleans the place. However, some Dyson DC39 customer reports noted that the machine has a problem sucking on those dirt that are of marble size. The suction would almost completely drop and you need to turn the vacuum off and turn the machine upside down to take off the block. Unless you keep marble size dust in your house then you may want to find a cleaner designed for that, then this minor issue is not a deal breaker. If you want to know more about the product, it will help to read other Dyson DC39 reviews.