Earthwise ST00015 reviews


Earthwise ST00015 customer reports


Earthwise ST00015 reviews

The line trimmer, weed whip, weed whacker, weed eater and weedy all are the names for a same devise that is more popularly known as the String trimmer. A string trimmer is actually a device of handheld nature that finds its usage in cutting grass and similar natured plants. The point worth mentioning is that such devices use a monofilament line as a substitute of a blade for the purpose of cutting. These are very useful and handy devices as they help to remove the unwanted grass and plants without the need of application of greater efforts. It is very famous among individuals and people usually prefer it for the majority of their gardening purposes.

If you are thinking about a decent and efficient working string trimmer to handle all that extra grass then for you the best product to consider is Earthwise  – ST00015 Electric String Trimmer. This is a very great string trimmer that works with electricity the motor that is incorporated in it utilizes 6.25 – amps. It provides a diameter of 15 inches and the price that you will have to pay for it is between $55-$65.  It is good to have a look at the Earthwise ST00015 review so that you can decide whether you want it or not.

The 6.25 amp motor provides the Earthwise ST00015 freedom to perform 10,500 RPM. An incorporated plug is present means that you will have to get the services of electric cord for the operation of the trimmer.  In relation to line this device makes use of the 0.065 inch diameter line. This trimmer provides the potential of 15 inch cutting swath. An automated line feed is also there to aid in the smooth running of the device.

When you look at the functions that can be performed by this device you get delighted to know that Earthwise ST00015 also has the potential of working as an edger. The head for cutting that is present at the edge provides the freedom for adjustment at three different positions. There is a guard also there with the purpose of saving you from flying materials when you are using Earthwise ST00015 as an edger.

Handling the Earthwise ST00015 is a very easy and convenient job it is lightweight as it weighs only 9.5 pounds. It can be carried easily and also you get options for adjusting it according to your height. Also the nature of the provided handle is telescopic this makes you capable of adjusting the height. But in relation to the auxiliary handles you don’t have the height adjustment option.

There are many other qualities and convenient features that have been included in this Earthwise ST00015 that will force you to make its selection. The Earthwise ST00015 customer reports suggest that it is a highly reliable product.