Ecobee EB-STAT-02 reviews


Ecobee EB-STAT-02 customer reports


Ecobee EB-STAT-02 reviews

Thermostats now have advanced features that make it a great item to have at home. And what’s even better is a thermostat that is environmentally-friendly. If you want one that has all these, the Ecobee EB-STAT-02 may be the right one for you! Read this Ecobee EB-STAT-02 review to learn more about its features.

Ecobee’s motto is “Green Made Easy.” It lives up to this by helping you save money by programming your heating/cooling system so that you are comfortable while relaxing at home and not either too cold or hot. It has features which will allow you to program it to match your family’s schedule. When you are most active, you can adjust the temperature as necessary and when the family is about to sleep at night, you can lower the temperature so that you are not wrapped in blankets.

Many Ecobee EB-STAT-02 customer reports like how easy it is to program the thermostat. You can also connect it to the internet so that it can display weather reports and allow you to control its settings from any browser. The thermostat also uses ZigBee technology for its WiFi connection.

The thermostat features a Quick Save button on the touchscreen. This instantly sets the system into energy conservation mode. The Quick Save feature will make it convenient as you can set the air conditioner on a higher or lower temperature with one press before leaving home. If you press the OK button when you return, it will go back to the programmed settings.

To add even more control over your Ecobee system, you can add remote temperature or humidity sensors connected to the Ecobee Remote Sensor Module. Every module can accept up to 4 sensors. If your home is spacious, you may want to consider getting the Ecobee Energy Management System instead.

Its other features include displays of current and programmed temperatures, system status, high/low temperature and maintenance alerts, weather conditions, WiFi signal strength and current date and time. The Ecobee thermostat connects to the internet for programming, control and reporting. It also features simple 7-day programming, Vacation mode, humidity monitoring and control, system fan control, ventilator control, two detector inputs and restricted access levels.

Smarthome does not offer technical support of the product. You will have to contact Ecobee directly for all product support. You may want to find out if it comes with warranty so that you can have it replaced if you experience problems with the product. You may want to check out online retail stores as many have good deals for it. The Ecobee thermostat can also be shipped to your home for free or at a low cost to make it more convenient for you.