The Best Electric String Trimmer Compared


The front and back yard represents the green extension of the home, places that reflect your personality and sense of responsibility. This is the reason millions of Americans put in a lot of hours in taking care of their gardens, grass and lawn’s appearance. In order to precisely take care of the lawn’s more rebellious characteristics, you need to use a professional electric string trimmer. The industry has a wide variety of models, designed to handle various choirs with ease. Yet, the high number of trimmers available to the general population raises one important question: which is the most efficient string trimmer? In order to correctly answer this particular technical dilemma, it is recommended to read the present best electric string trimmer comparison reviews which can underline the advantages and disadvantages of each of the top models. With the proper information you will be able to trim your grass with a powerful electric trimmer.


Black & Decker NST2118 Cordless Electric String Trimmer


Your lawn deserves the best when it comes to daily maintenance and beautiful appearance. This is where Black & Decker NST2118 electric string trimmer can assist you, taking precise care of the grass even in tight spots. Most of the present best electric string trimmer reviews underline the presence of PowerDrive Transmission system on the NST2118 which safely helps you get the job done faster and easier. With this 12 inch and 18 volt cordless trimmer and edger you will be able to precisely trim down grass and maintain a neat edge near the pavements. The model features the exclusive Groom’N’Edge head which can be rotated 180 degrees thus letting you switch between cutting and edging tasks. It incorporates the exclusive Black & Decker Automatic Feed Spool system that uses the centrifugal force in order to precisely deliver more line. This cordless electric trimmer weighs only 6.4 pounds, being a machine very easy to handle irrespective of the nature of the terrain. The model has a telescopic pole which can be adjusted in order to obtain the right height and handle better the powerful 7000 RPM motor.

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Black & Decker LST220 Cordless Electric String Trimmer


Are you searching for a professional electric string trimmer capable of delivering precise results every time you use it? If your answer is yes, then you should use with confidence Black & Decker LST220 trimmer, a model that helps you cosmeticize the yard with precision and even creating crisp edges right along the driveway. This powerfulLST220 12 inch and 20 volt MAX lithium-ion trimmer can be converted, as a simple turn of the shaft to an edger, in order to deal with various edges around trees and driveways. Easy to use, the device is powered by 2 LBXR20 20-volt MAX batteries which give you the possibility to work without being interrupted. The present best electric string trimmer comparison reviews underline the efficiency of Black & Decker LST220, a stunning addition to your home. It weighs only 5.2 pounds and is Energy Star rated which means that the device won’t consume too much energy. In addition to its advanced design, the device incorporates Black & Decker Automatic Feed Spool which maintains the string in the ideal length so that the trimming process is uninterrupted.

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Black & Decker CCC3000 Electric String Trimmer


If you want a professional lawn care system that will handle virtually anything, then you should learn more about Black & Decker CCC3000 Lawncare Center. Considered as one of the best set of gardening instruments in 2013, the three rechargeable tools can help you prune the hedges, clear with precision hard surfaces and ultimately trim or edge tight spaces around the yard. In the basic package you will also find a charger for the batteries and a solid wall mount which allows you to store the three devices with more style. The NS118 cordless Broom and Sweeper helps you clear out with ease grass clippings, various loose debris and dry leaves. The NST2018 Grass string trimmer has a wide 12 inch cut patch, convertible to edger in order to tackle pathways at a simple touch of a button. It includes Automatic Feed Spool that maintains the optimum length for every task at hand. The device includes a Groom ‘N’ Edge head and a reliable adjustable auxiliary handle that safely can accommodate the user’s height. Because it’s lightweight you will be able to cover a lot of ground with ease!

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Hitachi CG22EASSLP Electric String Trimmer


When it comes to the wellbeing and specific appearance of the garden, you need to have a high quality electric string trimmer capable of handling even the most rebellious grass roots. Which is the most efficient trimmer? Well, according to the present top rated electric trimmer reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users and also technicians, it seems that Hitachi CG22EASSLP gas powered device delivers the best results. This model features a powerful commercial-grade engine and an extended 60 inch drive shaft created from reliable steel. As one of the most efficient CARB-compliant gardening tool on the market, the device permits you to trim porches, gardens and walkways with precision. Featuring S-Start system, PureFire low-emission 2 stroke engine tech and an anti-vibration format which makes the electric trimmer the perfect way to keep your garden “healthy”. It has a 4 inch semi-automatic cutting head that can hold with ease the 13 feet of line, covering more ground with ease. The electric trimmer weighs only 97 pounds making it easy for you to handle the device and trim down any type of grass.

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