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Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36 reviews

Looking for a refrigerator nowadays may prove to be a little exhausting, given the large variety that the market offers. It can get confusing on what kind of refrigerator truly fits you since most brands claim the same things. In this regard, reading various product reviews first before actually buying one can really help out with your search as they provide much insight and in depth knowledge about specific models and brands. In this article, we will discuss one particular refrigerator model, the Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36. We will give you a brief look a-on its features and specifications so you can decide whether this model fits your needs and lifestyle. We hope that this Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36 review can help you narrow down your choices, and eventually lead you to pick out the best choice.

The Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36 boasts a classic design that most refrigerators today lack. It comes in a counter depth stainless steel French door that gives it a classic and sophisticated look. Its simple and clean design easily matches any home decor so you would not have to think about whether this refrigerator can suit your kitchen.

On the other hand, aside from its design, the Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36 also boasts technical features that make it not only an attractive machine, but also a powerful one. It offers 22.6 cubic feet worth of storage, which is more than enough for an average user. Its spacious interiors let you fit all your food and drinks without a hassle. Aside from that, it features a Perfect temp Drawer that offers flexibility in temperature, from 28 to 42 Celsius. Users are given 9 preset temperature selections on which you can use depending on what you are storing. Some of the selections are white/sparkling wine, cheese, fish/shellfish, marinade, and thaw. Aside from that, there are also three customizable selections that lets you adjust and set the temperature on what you think is appropriate. This feature is particularly important for people who love having guests around as this lets you keep your drinks and food on just the right temperature. Furthermore, the Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36 offers two luxury glide and full width baskets, which are full extendable and have adjustable dividers so that you can maximize its storage. This particular refrigerator model also has a filtration system that keeps the air inside clean and fresh and avoids odor transfer.

Overall, as seen in many Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36 customer reports, we can say that this refrigerator receives high recommendation. It has enough storage for people to keep in all their drinks and food fresh. The perfect temp drawer also receives a lot of praise as it is good to keep in food and drinks in their right temperature, so you can serve it whenever. People also loved its design and look as it is very simple and sophisticated, easily matching it in any kitchen decor. All in all, users are very much happy and pleased with Electrolux EI23BC51IS 36.