Most Appreciated Washer an Dryer from Electrolux


1. Electrolux Laundry Bundle



As stated in the Electrolux Laundry Bundle reviews you have the advantage of the energy efficient washer and matching dryer.

Often considered the best laundry bundle from Electrolux you will love the large capacity design, and incredibly quick wash and drying time.

This washer and dryer set features a durable and stylish design that is also easy to install.

It is designed to be easy to operate, and include all of the functions you need to safely wash and dry your laundry.



While this laundry set is designed to be easy to install, it should be mentioned that you do need to purchase an electrical cord and vent duct for the dryer.


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Benefits Explained

Not only will you appreciate the affordable price of this laundry and dryer set, but also its energy efficient design. These appliances are rated Energy Star efficient which means lower monthly utility bills. The dryer gently dries your clothes quickly and efficiently, and the washer uses less water than other models. Considered up to 161 percent more efficient than other laundry combos, you’ll appreciate the savings and always having clean clothes.

2. Electrolux Laundry Bundle

The front loading 4.3 cubic foot washer is large enough to hold blankets and heavy winter coats, and features an incredibly fast 15 minute washing time. Perfect for washing dirty clothes that might have been forgotten, the large 8.0 cubic foot dryer will also have your laundry dry in only 14 minutes. With the optional steam wash and dry, you can even avoid wrinkles and quickly freshen up your clothes.


Constructed from durable titanium this laundry bundle is designed to last through years of frequent use. The front loading design is convenient to use, and the slim construction makes it easy to fit this combo in smaller spaces. The electric washer and dryer are also incredibly easy to connect, and you have the advantage of the included manual that will walk you through each of the set up steps.


Everything you need to keep your laundry fresh and clean is included with this matching washer and dryer. The front placed controls are easy to read, and include all of the settings you need to safely wash and dry different types of fabric. The gentle cycle is perfect for all of your delicates, and you also have the advantage of using steam. The washer and dryer also include convenient pedestal drawers which are perfect for storing high efficiency detergent and softener out of the way.


This is often considered the best laundry bundle and it’s not hard to see why. The sleek and durable titanium construction is designed to last through years of use, and look great in your laundry room. The high efficiency design will help you save money on your monthly utility bills, along with leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. The washer and dryer are designed to easily hold large loads of laundry, and you will appreciate the incredibly quick washing and drying time.


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