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Emori (TM) All About Nail reviewsFor people who love unleashing their creativity by painting their nails, then definitely a set of nail polish will be a delight for you. One nail polish set that you may want to check out is the Emori (TM) All About Nail. However, before going to your favourite beauty store, it is advisable to check out product reviews first so you can have a better idea of what the product truly is. With this, you can manage your expectations and avoid possible disappointments in the future. In this article, we will give you a little Emori (TM) All About Nail review. We will talk about its features and specifications to help you decide whether this nail polish set is what you actually want or not. In this regard, we hope to be of reference to you once you decide to make a purchase.

With Emori (TM) All About Nail, you have 50 colors to choose from.  You can opt to paint your nails with basic colors, or if you are feeling wilder, then go for neon or flirty hues. For basic colors, the Emori (TM) All About Nail has blue, green, sky blue, red, baby blue, white, black, yellow, lavender, copper, silver, cobalt, and brown. For those who wants to go for brighter and wilder hues, this nail polish set has neon colors. It has neon yellow, neon fuschia, neon purple, neon orange, and neon green.

On the other hand, if you love your nails glittering, you can use its included glitter nail polish: blue glitter, copper glitter, Bronx glitter, pink glitter, silver glitter, silver glitz, red glitter, and purple glitter. Other colors includes Armageddon,  crush shell, mermaid tail, cosmos, English breakfast, luscious lilac, lover,  lock down, bunny, evergreen,  funky pink, retro denim, love plum, socialite, pink lady, Barbie, toyland, , sweet sonnet, , mirror, dream girl, atlantic, subtle flirt, elegant, and vampire. With alls these nail polish colors, you will never ran out of new design ideas. Furthermore, all nail polish colors in the set are long wearing and chip resistant so you can enjoy your nail design a little bit longer. Furthermore, the Emori (TM) All About Nail also includes three scented nail polish remover pads.

All in all, with its wide range of color offerings, it is hard to say no to Emori (TM) All About Nail. You can create various nail design without feeling limited. It is also great that this nail polish set is made of high quality materials, so you are assured that you nail colors will last longer. As seen from various Emori (TM) All About Nail customer reports, many rave about this set. Aside from the obvious fact that it includes a lot of colors, its quality is also something to note about. Overall, if you want a full blown nail polish set, definitely the Emori (TM) All About Nail will not disappoint.