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Eureka High Camp reviewsThis Eureka High Camp review is about a tent which can be used in the severest of the cold temperatures. The tents available in the market are usually not suitable to use in the coldest of the temperatures. This tent is so engineered that it can with stand the coldest temperatures and can also with stand the fastest of the winds. It is most suitable to use when you are going on snowy expeditions and the temperature can drop very suddenly and you need to keep warm without it being stuffy. To help the tent ventilate there are vents in the tent that help in the air flow inside the tent.

There are many different specifications in this Eureka High Camp review which are given below to give you an insight on what you can expect when you buy the tent:

The space in the tent is enough for 2 people to sleep. The tent is made of a material which can be used not only in the winters but it can be used all the 4 seasons giving you comfort and shelter in all the conditions of your expedition. There is one door in the tent and there is a single window n the tent. The structure of the dome has the 5 pole rectangular dome structure which is very easy to put up. The tent is very light weight and you can easily pick up the tent weighing only 8 pounds and 8 ounces. The floor size of the tent is 7 feet 9 inches by 4 feet 10 inches. The frame of the tent is made up of 9 and 9.5 mm DAC Aluminum. The wall fabrics in the tent are the 70D nylon taffeta which is not coated and the Fly Fabrics are 75 D Storm Shield polyester ripstop 18000mm coated. The wall Fabrics used are the 70D nylon taffeta 5000mm coated-Mesh Fabrics: 40D nylon n0-see-um.the center height of the tent is 3 feet and 8 inches.

There are different features in the tent which are given below:

It is light weight and durable. The tent is shock-corded and has free standing frame. The tent is designed having a clear PU window to ensure the visibility through the window. The ventilation of the tent is kept in mind while designing since there are bottom venting vestibule rolls which open left, right and center. There is a twin track, side opening door which features high/low venting for air flow. The 2 pole rectangular dome features a narrow footprint so you can have the high altitude.

The Eureka High Camp customer reports show that it is a tent that is best to use in all temperatures and is suitable for two peole giving you comfortable space while in the tent.