Excalibur 3500 Deluxe Series 5 Tray food dehydrator reviews


Excalibur 3500B customer reports


 Excalibur 3500B reviewsWhen you are looking for a quality food dehydrator that’s fits your budget well, the Excalibur 3500B can prove to be a good choice. The horizontal drying system with a rear-mounted fan ensures that the food gets consistent air circulation with a powerful 400W rotor. The combination and arrangement of 5 trays also allow the work to be done efficiently.

The design of the dehydrator has been kept such that all your food gets dried evenly and never leaves any part half moist like the other low quality equipments. The appliance is capable of drying a whole lot range of things like vegetables, fruits, herbs et al.

 The Excalibur 3500B Dehydrator is one value for money dehydrator that fits well in the budget and also is capable of delivering high quality drying of the food. Although a 4 tray shorter than its sibling, the dryer gives unmatched performance and is highly reliable for your basic dehydrating purposes. On the other side the $30 price reduction is a plus point that many average users will like a lot. The thermostat is also having a good range of temperatures so that the dryer can work efficiently.

The trays are built of good quality and perform well under different temperatures. The material used for building the dehydrator is the FDA approved polypropylene #5 which is a worldwide recognized material in terms of safety for direct food contact use.

The utility of this appliance is served well in the fact that it has a very efficient design. The cleaning of the device is also easy and takes just a few seconds. The trays are removable so cleaning can be done properly. Many of the Excalibur 3500B customer reports suggest that the appliance is fitting well as a utility device in the modern kitchen. The instructions manual is also thorough and helps the first time user to get good dried produce.

Concluding the Excalibur 3500B review, one can say for sure that this is a must have mid range appliance if you occasionally want to dry the food products. The quality and easiness to operate are the main plus points of this appliance. Apart from that the market Excalibur 3500B customer reports suggest that is is trending well in terms of utility appliance sales.