Highest Rated Crossbow from Excalibur


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This is the best crossbow from Excalibur for shooters with small frames.

The crossbow helps the hunter stay hidden thanks to its Realtree HardwoodsTM camouflage finish.

The weapon comes with the needed accessories for out-of-the-box use.

The 150-pound draw weight is perfect for hunting deer-size game.

The crossbow is built to be durable and solid.



The Excalibur Vixen II Crossbow may be too small for people with larger builds. However, the Excalibur Vixen II crossbow reviews reveal that many users are happy with its features and performance.


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Benefits Explained

Manufactured specifically for the shooting needs of smaller framed hunters, the Excalibur Vixen II Crossbow has a short, light draw plus a reduced length of pull. This allows ladies, young people and smaller hunters to use the crossbow easily and most confidently. This high-performance crossbow can even bring down large game in North America despite its diminutive profile.

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The Excalibur Vixen II is among the top rated crossbows on the market thanks to its suitably decorated body in Realtree HardwoodsTM camouflage finish. The camouflage decoration utilizes the exclusive Kolorfusion process to ensure that the crossbow has an appearance that will blend in with the hunting environment so as not to alert the prey to the hunter’s presence. The Kolorfusion process also provides awesome detail and contrast to make the crossbow uniquely attractive in form.


The Excalibur Vixen II crossbow is drilled and tapped to accommodate scope and quiver mounts. It also comes with quick detach sling studs. The crossbow ships with everything you need to enjoy a day out hunting including: Vari-Zone Multi-Range Scope 2-4 x 32mm, to ensure multi-range accuracy; Scope Mount; Scope Rings; 4-Arrow Quiver and Quiver Bracket, to securely and safely hold your arrows; 4 Firebolt Carbon Arrows; 4 Field Points; and Rope Cocking Aid, which helps with easy cocking and precise string alignment. The Excalibur Vixen comes with all the tools you need on the field.


Packed with power and performance in its small frame, the Excalibur Vixen II crossbow offers superior shooting capability. It has a powerful velocity of 285 feet-per-second and a draw weight of 150 pounds. The 150-pound weight is recommended by hunting experts for deer-size game. With a bow of this weight, you can shoot an arrow straight through a deer using a broadside shot.


Delivering plenty of power, the Excalibur Vixen II comes with no compromise on durability and quality. It is built strong inspite of its small profile. The crossbow is available in multiple colors to suit every user’s preference or personality. The crossbow is built to be used for many seasons of hunting, helping you take down your prize every time. The Excalibur Vixen II is a great hunting tool that can hone your hunting skills and make you a more confident hunter with every use.



The Excalibur Vixen II offers superb shooting speeds of up to 285 feet per second and a draw weight of 150 pounds, which are enough to bring down deer-size game. Built to be durable and powerful, the crossbow comes with all the accessories you need so you can go hunting right after unpacking it. The Excalibur Vixen II is a great piece of hunting equipment made for smaller hunters who do not want a heavy weapon that can drag them down. The crossbow offers power and performance in a small package.


Buy from Amazon for ($539.97)