Which Is the Best AOC Monitor


Say goodbye to wires and say hello to wireless connection!

Everyone wants to be greeted a futuristic monitor that doesn’t require any wires to run and occupies a bit of space. Fortunately the market is filled with high quality wireless monitors that can display pictures and videos without any disturbance whatsoever. How do you determine which model should you take? Well, it’s important to read some of the latest best wireless monitors reviews and technical reports that can display the advantages of using a particular product and not another one. With objective and reliable information you will be able to find a pro monitor suited to your daily media activities. So, upon reviewing some of the top rated wireless monitors currently available on the market we recommend you use without reservations AOC e1659wu 16 inch monitor.


Expert AOC e1659wu16 MonitorAOC e1659wu wireless monitor review

Let’s start the review with an important question: why should you buy AOC e1659wu monitor? Well, this monitor from AOC has a slim and elegant design which can be placed on any desk. It comes with USB 3.0 connection port that ensures stable and fast transfer for videos and pictures. Receiving high marks from the best wireless monitors reviews; this model was designed with piano-black glossy finish and a 15.6 inch viewable image format. It also features a precise 500:1 contrast ratio for sharp pictures and a 5 MS response time once you start playing a game or watch a movie. AOC e1659 monitor comes with a flexi-stand that permits you to view images in portrait and landscape mode thus adding a touch of style to your daily visual activities. You can use landscape mode for various business presentations and also Excel sheets while the portrait mode offers a deeper link to your programs and applications. Sounds pretty good, no?

Well, there’s more to come. As one of the best portable monitor currently present on the market, AOC e1659wu features a unique auto-pivot option that manages to automatically adjust the image characteristics in direct accordance to the display’s orientation. Thin, portable and light, the monitor is ideal for business presentations if you have a job that involves travels. Easy to store in a backpack, this model can become a great assistant to your job. The model includes VESA 75 x 75mm Mount compliant option that permits you to mount it on any wall with ease. It includes a built-in DisplayLink technology which means you can connect it with a wide range of monitors. You can add multiple monitors to your laptop without any restrictions. AOC e1659wu is a great monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and brightness system of 100cd/m2 for the correct visual response.