Buyng advice on Asus 1015E-DS01 Notebook


In the present, everyone is looking for a lightweight, powerful and elegant laptop that can become a productive assistant during various project developments. As subtle as some advertising campaigns are, confusion comes into play during the selection process. The problem is that there are many models on the market, with various features and benefits. Today’s best 10 inch laptop reviews, published in PC specialised magazines and also thousands of customer feedback, underline the efficiency of ASUS 1015R-DS01 laptop, a model which impresses through its smooth functionality and stunning design. This elegantly small but powerful laptop combines with style productivity, efficiency and mobility. The device has 7.5 hours of battery life, due to the 1” thin profile and the 2.64 lbs will keep you connected with all that you love. Pre-installed with superb Windows 8 operating system, powered by Intel Celeron processor, 1015R-DS01 from Asus becomes a productive working assistant and a source of entertainment whenever you want. Compatible with all the Windows based features Office, PowerPoint and Excel, the laptop keeps you connected with all its important to you. You can use it for work, project development and play, after installing various popular games. Anywhere you go, you will be prepared to work or play, whichever suits you best. Furthermore you will be able to access all your favourite social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or YouTube.


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As most of the latest best 10 inch laptop reviews have pointed out, ASUS 1015R-DS01 model is powered by the powerful Super Hybrid Engine II which helps you resume your work in only 2 seconds, from hibernate mode. Due to its carefully designed energy-conserving format, this laptop can maintain the programs active and went to standby mode, by an impressive 14 days. All of your important data will be protected and safely stored, and automatically backed up even if the battery level goes below 5%, which is very important. Windows 8 will certainly improve the way you control the laptop, raising the bar for efficiency and quality. The device incorporates the ultra-fast USB 3.0 data transfer which for example, will help you to transfer a large 25GB HD movie in just 70 seconds. So, gain time and redirect it to other productive activities. Furthermore, you will benefit from a free 32 GB ASUS WebStorage for three long years.

As most of the latest Asus 1015R-DS01 customer reports showed, this laptop keeps you connected with friends and family members via the high definition front camera. In addition, the VoIP microphone allows you to chat and socialize better than ever. Do you want a complete audio experience? Well, Asus 1015R-DS01 is designed with SonicMaster Lite technology that delivers and maintains superior audio quality. You will certainly feel the difference fast!


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