Asus Google Nexus


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If you are part of the tablet mania then you are no stranger of hot releases! Searching for a special tablet, suited to your personality and adjacent needs is an exciting adventure taking into account the wide array of models available on the market. To this particular, it is recommended to read a professional 7 inch tablet review which emphasizes the qualities and features that need to be present in your future device. Out of the many top rated tablets which can become an integrant part of your media life, we recommend one in particular which caught our eyes through its high quality design and advanced features: Asus Google Nexus 7 inch tablet!

The present Google Nexus tablet review will help you to understand why you should consider taking this model in your life. With a thin, light and elegant structure, Nexus 7 inch tablet from Google combines with precision power, portability and media efficiency, letting you enjoy a subtle experience day after day. It has a slim body, with a clean and stylish lining! The tablet will fit comfortably in your hands, letting you see vibrant and colourful images on the beautiful 7” display. As you soon will discover, the tablet’s particularities will bring to life a world of entertainment where movies, documentaries, concerts, top music videos, games and eBooks are present. You won’t regret taking the proper steps towards using Google Nexus, which weighs only 0.64 lbs! You can carry tablet with you anywhere with no problems whatsoever, fitting easily in bags, back-pockets and also purses. Easy to use and manage, the device delivers around 9 hours of HD video playback and even 10 hours of internet browsing or reading various eBooks. You won’t feel pressured by the tablet’s battery life in order to go about your business.


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As any detailed and technical Google Nexus tablet review shows, the model can connect wirelessly to any hot-spot or home network with ease. In addition to the regular Wi-Fi connection features the device incorporates an optional 4G LTE, supporting hundreds of networks from all over the world. It’s basically that simple to stay connected with your friends and family members!

Let’s go deeper in the tablet’s features…

Google Nexus includes over 2.3 million pixels in the display, letting you enjoy sharp images and bright colours every time you turn it on. You can read text with greater ease and see magazine images with high quality while the videos come into being with a vibrant 1080p high definition resolution. Manufactured by Asus, the tablet is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2 GB of RAM which makes every application and program you run go smoothly and without lag. In addition, this model has a high-performance system that renders 3D graphics with subtle dynamic and clear details. To wrap things up, Nexus 7 inch tablet includes stereo speakers and a high quality Surround Sound which is powered by Fraunhofer, so you will experience a booming audio experience as well.


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