Which is the best tablet from Asus


Google and Asus united, meant for the industry the creation of one of the most loved tablet: Nexus 7” tablet. Millions of people around the world love this high quality tablet because of its features and elegant form. The latest top rated Asus Nexus 7 1B32 customer reports describe the positive experience with the model, and its capacity with the enhanced entertainment media center. The model works on the world’s most popular mobile platform, Android 4.2, which gives you the possibility to access all of its features. Asus Nexus is equipped with a powerful 7” quad-core CPU that ensures the most of any multimedia experience. The 32 GB memory allows you to store with precision all of your favourite movies, TV-shows, documentaries or whatever you like. One of the most beautiful aspects of the tablet is the stunning 7” display which makes any image or video a lot brighter and clearer. As so many people have related, Asus Nexus 7 is the ideal travel companion, enriching the sensations felt during the whole trip. Built by Asus, reuniting the vast technical expertise of its engineers, Nexus 7 comes with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor which makes everything a lot faster: internet pages load faster, games work smoothly, apps open instantly and any project related actions are more responsive.


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It comes as no surprise to see millions of men and women consider Asus Nexus 7” as a multimedia breeze of joy. In addition, the present top rated Asus Nexus 7 1B32 customer reports underline the elegant design, which brings about style whenever you take it out in any crowd. Nexus 7” comes equipped with the patented 4-PLUS=1 design which maintains the processing power you need, every time you need it. The HQ and HD 1280 by 800 resolution display and precise sensors like a gyroscope and accelerometer, gives you the opportunity to explore all the 700.000 apps and games available today on Google Play. The tablet ensures that you will enjoy over 9 hours of high definition video playback, 300 hours of standby, 10 continuous hours of internet browsing or reading which is more than enough to enjoy yourself.

Time is you’re allied in everything you do with the Nexus 7” tablet. Answering with precision to Google Play’s call, Asus Nexus 7” puts all the entertainment bearing the magical cloak of Google at your utter disposition. The world’s largest collection of eBooks, songs, movies, TV-shows, magazines and apps are at your whim, whenever you desire. One of the most impressive features of Google Play is the over 4 million eBook titles which can occupy with delight your time. Explore without hesitation the multimedia experience of Asus Nexus 7”, a model that received high marks from the present top rated tablet reviews.


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