Cloud b Twilight Constellation toy


When the lights are off and the little one stands all alone in the darkness, a fear begins to appear out of thin air, making him feel uneasy and scarred. This is why so many children, boy or girls are asking their parents to leave the door slightly open or the light turned on. Still, as thousands of American families pointed out, there is a better way for children to sleep well and without the fear of being alone in their room: toys designed to alienate the fear of standing in the dark. According to the present top rated toys for children reviews, drafted by thousands of moms and dads, it seems that Cloud b Twilight Constellation toy is a one-of-kind companion for the little ones, helping them sleep better night after night. Considered by many as the best toy for fear of dark, Cloud b was designed especially for children that have troubles to fall asleep by projecting on the ceiling and walls of the room, the beauty of the night sky. You have the possibility to choose from 3 soothing color options, in order to fully create a truly magical and serene environment for children from the age of two to experience a good night sleep. Let the Sandman due his job, through the guiding “hands” of the Twilight Ladybug from Cloud b.


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It’s important to create a safe and relaxed environment for your child during his early years, in order to help him sleep and grow up without any problems. This is where the best for fear of dark, Twilight Ladybug can lend a helping hand. Designed with an illuminating shell and a subtle and elegant design, the toy becomes a major component of your child’s nursery. It is made out of plush which makes it soft at touch. This high quality nightlight can be placed on the floor, in the center of the little one’s room where it will start to project the pure night sky stars. If you want to teach your child something interesting, you can try to point out the 7 major constellations which include Pegasus and the Big Dipper. How? Well, the toy is prepared for anything, for it offers you the possibility to consult the stunningly created Star Guide. In order to introduce the activity to the little one with more empathy you can use the story in which the Twilight Ladybug was stranded in the Universe, far from her father and only by analysing the constellation can find her way back to him.

As most of the latest top rated toys for children reviews underlined in great details, Twilight Ladybug is the best sleep companion and nightlight that you can take for your child’s room. Simply press the button the ladybug’s wings will send out the stars of the Universe on the ceiling and walls, for around 45 minutes, the perfect interval for the little one to sleep. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and is accompanied by a certificate of adoption. This is the ideal toy for your child, a piece of tranquillity always present in the room as the lights go off and the night begins.


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