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If you like adventure and fun then you absolutely need a reliable camcorder that can immortalize all of the special moments experienced. It’s nice to give your memories a voice and a face to look upon later on in life. This is why camcorders are in high demand today; more and more adventurous people want something to record their feats. Which is the best HD camcorder in 2019? The answer, strengthened by thousands of satisfied men and women, can only be ContourROAM hands-free HD camcorder, a model loved in the US and increasingly popular in Australia. ContourROAM is the best camera for all your adventures and life quests, always ready to capture whatever you need, without any problems at all. Take your adventure and record them in style, for 8 straight hours in 1080p high definition for example! Or in 12 hours of 720p!

All you need to do is slide the record switch and thus you’ll instantly start to record sharp and beautiful HD videos. ContourROAM is compact, modern, and waterproof to one meter depth and tough, basically the best camcorder and the ideal companion for your adventures! The camcorder comes equipped with a 32 GB Micro SD card which is more than enough to store all that you see. Afterwards you should use the Contour Storyteller App in order to safely transfer and share your stunning feats with friends and even family members.


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Combining with elegance the purest form of video recording and the spirit of adventure, ContourROAM made shooting simple and fun. Regarded as the best HD camcorder in 2019, this model from ContourROAM delivers a stress-free experience, capturing with great ease all of your trips. The camera records all the action with stunning clarity through the 170 super wide-angle lenses which capture the background of the main target. Furthermore the model automatically adjusts the white and exposure thus providing crystal-clear images. You have the possibility to opt between 3 video resolutions: 720p, 960p and also 1080p, all in high definition. If you are a water person and most of your activities involve it, then there’s something you should know about the camera: ContourROAM is waterproof to one meter in depth. The model comes with a sealed gasket that protect the inside electrical circuits, thus giving you a wide creative perspective in the rain, snow or under water.

One of the best features of ContourROAM presented in detail, in most of the latest top rated camcorder reviews, is the resilience to mud, dirt, snow and also rain. An adventurous person goes to various locations of the world, where hospitability is a rare commodity. ContourROAM is the visual recorder you need to capture in great detail all that you desire. Collect new memories and share them with all the important persons of your life.


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