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The lovable Minions are back! Get ready for fun and excitement!

Since Despicable Me came out, millions of people around the world began Minion mania, collecting dolls, posters, mugs and other items with them. So, seeing the huge success registered by Despicable Me 2 comes as no particular surprise to anyone. Illumination Entertainment did it again! They managed to bring to life cherished characters without deflecting any of their charm and initial visual delight. On the contrary, the second part continues the yellow fun and raises it to a whole another level. The cast includes Steve Carell as Gru, Kristen Wiig as Lucy, Miranda Cosgrove as Margo, Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario or Elsie Fisher as Agnes. As you would expect, this animation ROCKS! If you have kids don’t let them overlook the joy of seeing Minions at work.


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Get your thumbs up and play the movie on your Blu-ray player. From the first scenes you will feel the enthusiasm behind Gru’s newfound world and his “appetite” for the ladies. Now, let’s get a bit into the story. Well, Gru managed to establish a firm relation with the girls, enjoying his status of a father but his old day of being a villain begin to haunt him. Under the premise “be careful what you wish for”, Gru is targeted by the Anti-Villain League that sends agent Lucy to bring him in for questioning. Say goodbye to boring yet quite charming domestic life and say hello to undercover spy stuff. Lucy and Gru are assigned to infiltrate the mall and discover the plot set out by a mysterious evil genius to take over the world. Here we come across El Macho, a character who originally was set out to be voiced by Al Pacino. Unfortunately Al dropped out of the project, leaving a spot open for Benjamin Bratt. One thing is certain, the presence of El Macho brings a new tonality to the movie, a touch of Hispanic passion in wrong-doing that just won’t quit.

All spying aside, Gru remains foremost a parent and he has to see Margo befriend Antonio, a teenage boy with a Don Juan aroma (hiding in his hair). So, Gru does his best (quite funny) to stop Margo from getting up and personal with El Macho’s son. He even uses the freeze gun in a heart-warming attempt to stop Antonio in his tracks (well, literally). Still, as you can image the crème du la crème are the MINIONS. Lovable, funny and always unpredictable they make every scene a pleasure to take in. They bring to life the very essence of animation, letting the viewer hope to a see another sketch with them in it. So, to wrap things up, Despicable Me 2 is a great movie that you shouldn’t miss!

Watch Despicable Me 2 Blu-ray release with your kids and see them smile their hearts out!


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