Which is the best House of Cards Season


The iron hand of American Senate from the eyes of Francis Underwood!

There were many movies and TV-shows produced about the US political life but none managed to top the intriguing and fascinating tale of House of Cards. This superb political drama was developed by Beau Willimon, based on the popular novel by Michael Dobbs. You should also know that House of Cards season comes with 13 episodes, premiered on February 1 on Netflix. With high stars cast, this show will certainly capture your attention and keep you tuning in. Let’s just name a few of them: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, Michael Kelly, Sakina Jaffrey, Kristen Connolly and Constance Zimmer. These actors make the whole show more than interesting. The show’s executive producer is David Fincher, Kevin Spacey and Beau Willimon. It runs for 48 to 56 minutes, more than enough to unveil most of the workings of American politics.


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Regarded as one of the best political dramas in the last decade, right next to the West Wing, House of Cards is more than a simple game of power in the complicated wiring of the American Senate, but a glimpse in the making of laws and nominations. To understand just how well the show was received, on July 18 2013, House of Cards had 14 Emmy nominations. Among them were Kevin Spacey for Outstanding Led Actor in a Drama Series, Robin Wright for Outstanding lead Actress in a Drama Series and David Fincher Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. Now, let’s see who plays who and what the show has to offer.

Kevin Spacey plays U.S representative Francis J. “Frank” Underwood which also narrates the whole story. He is the “Player” of the whole political madness, twisting and turning webs in order to get his hands on power. Robin Wright is Claire Underwood, a strong, elegant and powerful woman that knows exactly what do and say when things go sour. She is responsible for Clear Water Initiative, a non-profit organisation that tries to make the world a better place. Kate Mara plays Zoe Barnes, a beautiful and ambitious reporter for The Washington Herald and afterwards Slugline, which never stops hunting the next big story, even though that gets her in Frank’s bed. These three characters are the main reason to watch and take in the whole story. The first season is breathe-taking, emphasising on political intrigue, plots, betrayals and survival techniques in a place where nobody sleeps: US Senate.

So, it’s time for you to watch one of the best political dramas airing today: House of Cards! One thing is certain: the action will hook you in, and you will never let go!


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