Most popular Clear Salt System from Intex


Millions of American families have swimming pools that require maintenance work, in order to be always clean and a reliable source of fun and excitement. One of the most important aspects of a pool is the quality of the water. Kids and adults love to swim in clear and sanitized water which doesn’t harm the eyes or irritates the skin. This is the reason pool owners are searching for professional and efficient clear salt systems that can improve the quality of the water and refresh it as well. Still, finding the most efficient clear salt system can be a bit tricky taking into account the number of models currently available on the market. Today, more and more Americans use with confidence Intex Kristal Clear Salt System a product efficient and considered revolutionary in its category. The latest Intex Kristal customer reports underline the solid structure and special features of the device that improves the quality of the water. This salt system from Intex has a built-in GFCI, meaning ground fault circuit interrupter, which instantly shuts off pump if, due to various unforeseen reasons electrical current gets in contact with water. The device has a flow sensor, a 1st stage salt cell and a 2nd stage copper ionization, for a through water sanitization process.


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Most of the present Intex Kristal customer reports written to convey a full image on the device’s functionality point out one important thing: this salt system keeps the pool clean. Furthermore once the system begins to kick in there will be no need for packaged chlorine, because the water will be clean and free of impurities. Considered by thousands of satisfied users as the best chlorine alternative currently available on the market, Kristal Clear Salt System combines with attention a unique two-stage technology that fully sanitizes the pool water every time it is turned on. First of all, the device has an undetectable level of natural and swimmer-safe chlorine produced when the natural salt is carefully added to the pool water and goes through the titanium coated electrolytic cell.

The filtration system is efficient and always results in soft, fresh and clean water. There are no side effects when you enter the water! Unlike other products, Kristal Clear Salt System safely works to ensure that the water is clean. Furthermore it is very easy to set up and quite cheap. As most of the top rated Kristal Clear Salt System reviews showed, the product is ideal for any pool owner that wants to swim in clean water.


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