Buying advice for the Levana 32111 Jena


Babies require special attention from their parents or anyone taking care of them. This is the reason keeping track; virtually at all times of the little one’s wellbeing represents an important step in his care. Well, according to thousands of American parents it seems that more and more people are using without reservations video baby monitors in order to monitor what the kids are doing at any time. Still, one question needs to be answered: Which is the best baby monitor from the models available on the market? According to the present baby monitor reviews, designed by specialists and various parental communities, it seems that Levana 32111 Jena represents a great device, with a great operating system and right features, needed to monitor the child.

Designed with attention, Jena monitor can work for 8 hours straight, keeping track of the little one every time you are in another room, cooking, working or simply watching TV. Now let’s understand why so many parents are using with confidence Levana baby monitor in order to observe their babies whenever they want. This powerful is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can maintain its functionality for 8 hours or 12 hours in PEEP mode which is quite impressive to say the least.


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Levana JenaMost of the best baby monitor reviews underline the efficiency of Levana 32111 Jena and its ability to keep a continuous watchful eye on the child. The model incorporates the ClearVu technology that helps you to see and hear the baby, within a range of 500 feet. This advanced baby monitor ha a private and highly secured interference-free signal that keeps your connection with the little one far from preying eyes. You should also know that the baby monitor comes with a built-in night vision which gives you the possibility to see the child even in complete darkness. The device has an automatic system that adjusts the light level in order to display the child with great precision. Furthermore Levana baby monitor comes with 2-way communication system which parents simply love to use any time of the day. Incorporating Talk to Baby intercom the baby monitor allows you to speak to the child even though you are not near him. Furthermore you can use it to communicate with your partner and organize better the child’s care.

Levana baby monitor includes a temperature monitor, thus letting you know exactly the room’s status thus you will be how to act in order to deliver the appropriate comfort for the little one. In addition, you can use the video baby monitor as a delightful nightlight in little one’s room. The nightlight of Levana allows you to see better at night when you want to comfort or caress the baby! This model improves your parenting skills and enhances the comfort level.


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