Which is the best smartphone from Nokia


When it comes to smartphones, people are carefully trying to identify the best model. Today, this particular feat may be harder to achieve given the wide array of products available on the market. Still, some smartphones stand out, through elegant design, great operating system and stunning technical features. Most of the current top rated smartphone reviews emphasize on the great operating system and stunning design of Nokia Lumia 928, a model that seems to capture the hearts of thousands of Americans. This is the day where you will meet in detail Nokia Lumia 928, a smartphone that features the latest photo and video technology. Once you see the superb design of Lumia 928, you will understand why currently this model is considered the next big thing. You can capture, share and edit photos or videos, bringing them to the form that you desire. This smartphone is powered by Windows Phone 8 operating system, feeling great in your hands, while listening to music, watching a movie or seeing a great clip. Nokia Lumia 928 has a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD and OLED display provides a sharp and bright display, letting every image breathe with delight. You should know that the smartphone has a rear 8.7-megapixel PureView camera, incorporating the wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens and also OIS. Photos will be only of high quality, detailing vibrant colours and deep textures.


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Expert Nokia Lumia 928 reviewAs the latest top rated smartphone reviews pointed out, Nokia Lumia 928 comes with OIS that compensates and diminishes movement in videos and photos. In addition, Lumia 928 features Xenon flash that provides more light whenever you need to. This smartphone from Nokia has a powerful 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor which allows you to multitask without experiencing any lag whatsoever. You can store movies, photos or music on the 32 GB internal storage system, and connect to any WiFi network. One important thing: Nokia Lumia 928 has a 2000 mAh battery that fuels it up for around 13 hours of talk time. Smart Shoot gives the opportunity to create great and sharp photos. One plus about Smart Shot is that you can remove persons or objects in order to obtain the right photo. Nokia Lumia 928 has Panorama feature, which automatically stitches the pictures together, sharing them with ease on Twitter, Flicker, Facebook or even MySpace.

The current best Nokia Lumia 928 customer reports emphasize on 1080p full high definition resolution in all the videos recorded while OIS diminishes the shakiness sometimes people have, due to emotions or other background reasons. Once you purchase Nokia Lumia 928 you can access the exclusive Lumia apps that include a series of rich, intuitive and highly customizable experiences. We saved the goodies for last: Nokia Lumia 928 has the highly acclaimed operating system from Windows 8. This operating system transforms Lumia 928 into a personal smartphone experience, creating a vivid multimedia force, right in your palms, always present, always and there for you.


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