Most popular 3D TV from Panasonic


Think of 3D television in the VIERA way!

If you are among the millions of Americans that want to enjoy crystal clear pictures whenever a good movie is on, then you should learn more things about the VIERA Series from Panasonic. A growing number of the current Panasonic Viera reviews underline the efficiency of TC-P55VT50, a full high definition plasma TV that impresses through its crystal clear pictures and smooth 1080p resolution videos. The basic and special features of the model delivers images with deep black levels, accurate and vibrant colours and also a screen uniformity which keeps you hooked. Beautiful videos will greet you day and night! As some of the current user testimonials pointed out, the TV’s picture display delights viewers of all ages. Now, let’s understand more about Panasonic Viera Smart TV and determine if it deserves your attention.



Most of the latest Panasonic Viera reviews recommend TC-P55VT50 as a reliable gateway towards a complete 3D visual experience, packed with all your favourite characters and realistic details. This excellent HDTV delivers an impressive level of picture quality, 1080p Full HD resolution and also features the advanced Infinite Black Ultra Panel. Other important visual features that improve the way this model from Panasonic renders videos are: ISFCC Calibration mode, equipped with Advanced Calibration, Viera Touch Pad controller and also the 250 Focused Field Drive. Picture quality never knew such precision in detail display and video smoothness.  You should also know that the TV comes with VIERA Connect, a cloud service what allows you to access tons of applications which include video, social networking, news, lifestyle, music, fitness and many others. The regular TV experience will register a major boost because you will be able to access Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other websites that you love.


TC-P55VT50 brings SMART back in American homes



Panasonic Viera Smart TV includes Clicker, a special service that permits you to find all of your favourite movies and various video contents by tapping a single search, crossing through multiple VOD services. This model from Panasonic comes with an incredible fast refresh rate of 600Hz which keeps the videos smooth and fluent in their picture display. TC-P55VT50 has a thin profile and through its 55 inch display can offer an impressive 3D experience. The TV comes with a contrast ratio of 2 million to 1 and also a viewing angle of 178 degrees which translates into great quality images irrespective of your location.

The 3D experience is something special because the three-dimensional effect is greater on this model than other models. On a particular note: if you increase the distance from the TV, the pictures come with greater depth and also the realism factor grows. As the current Panasonic Viera reviews pointed out, this model delivers a detailed video quality which is fluid and crisp, converting with ease 2D images into a complete 3D environment. You will become in a way part of the action. The unique technology found in the present Panasonic Viera line produces detailed 3D depth for 2D images. One thing is more than obvious: you will create a lively cinema in your home!