Which is the best season of the Rome TV-show


The eternal city waits to be deciphered!

Caesar, Augustus, Cicero, Pompey Magnus, Mark Antony, Agrippa and Cleopatra square off their differences in an epic show about the political development of the world’s first superpower. HBO brought to life an epic tale of betrayal, love, intrigue, political plot and ambition: the story of the greatest empire the world has ever seen. The Roman Empire began with the unlimited ambition of Gaius Julius Caesar, a roman general, consul and later on patron father of millions. This TV-show is one of those visual experiences that shouldn’t be missed! Containing brutal scenes of violence, graphic portrayals of sex, Rome demonstrated with stunning creativity and clarity a world long passed in the midst of ancient history. Why should you choose this great TV-show?


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ROME: The complete First Season Blu-ray

This TV-show is a great addition to any home, bringing together families and persons that love history, especially Rome’s hidden past. The glory of Rome is presented without censorship, boasting on the vivid realities of a living in a political arena with ruthless individuals. Set in 52 B.C, in an expanding Roman world, we find dramatic shifts in power between two former friend the mighty general Pompey Magnus (played by Kenneth Cranham), leader of the Roman Senate and Julius Caesar (played by Ciaran Hinds, which is the currently The King beyond the Wall in the vastly popular Game of Thrones HBO show), a man that conquered the Gauls and is loved by thousands of Romans. The whole story is told from the perspective of two friends, soldiers in the Roman Empire. Lucius Vorenus (played by Kevin McKidd) which is married, honourable and true to its word and Titus Pullo (played by Ray Stevenson), an immoral man with a simple philosophy: “I kill my enemies, take their gold and enjoy their women.”

The intrigue behind Rome will capture the imagination of any history lover. Besides the main conflict between Caesar his nephew Augustus, Marc Antony, Pompey and later on Cleopatra, there more humane subplots in Rome. We follow the life of Lucius’s decaying relation with his beautiful wife Niobe or Titus Pullo’s slow social rise with the help of Augustus. One thing is certain: You will enjoy every moment of the show, blending as a Roman citizen within intrigue and betrayal. Rome is a visual sensation that can’t disappoint your cinematic feel. The uncanny relation between Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus offers a different perception on the tumultuous life as a Roman. Something special indeed! As some have said Rome is the result of an unholy but o so productive alliance between HBO and History.

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