Buying advice on the Samsung UN65F8000


Finding a good 3D HDTV can be pretty challenging without the presence of reliable bit of information on the functionality of the current top models. Well, reading the best 3D HDTV reviews, at least some of them, represents a firm step in understanding which product suits you the most. In the heart of your home, should reside Samsung UN65F8000 Smart TV, a model very popular in East and West Coast American communities. Combining elegance with the latest technological instalments in visual science, UN65F8000 allows you to control its features via voice or by various hand gestures. Sounds like science fiction no? Still, as soon you will discover, it’s all reality. This ultra-slim smart TV talks to you and performs basic commands such as “record”, “turn on” or even “last channel”. Who needs a remote? Samsung quality can’t be denied, and the features on this superb 65-inch Smart LED HDTV will certainly make you love the model more. It’s important to delight your eyes with vibrant and sharp pictures, emanating from the TV. The new and intuitive Smart Hub represents the perfect way to access all of your favourite content. Incorporating Smart evolution Kit, UN65F800 lets you discover a world of visual pleasure, through thousands of movies, TV-shows and documentaries. The Smart Touch remote allows you to control all the features of the TV by speaking into the microphone. UN65F8000 offers you the new generation of controlling your TV.


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Some say you that once you install UN65F8000 in your living room, everything changes. Movies become a true cinematic experience, worthy of repeating night after night. Most of the latest best 3D HDTV reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users underline intuitive nature of Sony UN65F8000. Featuring AllShare option, this TV gives you the option to wirelessly access and stream online content such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other applications. Smart Interaction with your TV through S-Recommendation is easier than ever, allowing you to ask UN65F8000 to play various movies, concerts or TV-shows. Furthermore this high quality TV comes equipped with a powerful Quad Core Processor, extra fluidity while you browse the internet and smooth applications without any lag. You should also know that this LED HDTV comes with a built-in WiFi system, letting you safely connect it to the internet. Every

One particular feature of Sony UN65F8000 that brings out vibrant, sharp and crystal clear pictures is Clear Motion Rate 1200. This particular option delivers high quality motion clarity, and thanks to CMR by calculating 3 important factors: frame refresh rate, backlight technology and also image processor speed. Use with confidence Sony UN65F8000 and experience stunning picture contrast and color unlike anything else. True-to-life videos and Samsung’s Micro Dimming technology keeps everything clear.


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