Which is the best 3D TV from Sony


Big, bold and picture-perfect!

If you have a beautiful home, with a darling wife and children then shouldn’t you add a high quality and big-screened TV that can become a personal home cinema? Well, even though the offer is packed with tons of TVs, all promising to delight you day and night, one in particular stands out from the crowd: Sony KDL-70550A! Receiving high rating from the most recent best LED TV reviews, written by Tech magazine specialists and enthusiastic readers, this model promises and delivers a world of dazzling and pure picture quality. Most of the present Sony KDL-70550A customer reports underline the unlimited entertainment features presented by the TV and its ability to enhance the visual experience during movies, games and TV-shows. With an elegant and slim design, this LED TV delivers an impressive full high definition 1080p resolution which means incredible details while the Edge LED backlighting maintains enhanced contrast for perfect pictures. This stunning TV will make sports, movies and games fill the big screen with incredible detail. Due to the Full HD 1080p enhanced with Clear Resolution Enhancer and Motionflow XR 240 system, you will be greeted by a remarkable clarity, maintained with diligence every step of the videos played.


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Sony KDL-70550A has a 70” inch display, equipped with a built-in WiFi feature, letting you connect to the internet and access HD movies, TV-shows, applications and games. Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube and other media sources will be at your complete disposal. The recent Sony KDL-70550A customer reports underline the powerful and thin LED display that delivers superior picture imaging than the regular LCD backlighting systems. You will be able to watch football, hockey and basketball without worrying of blurs or lag. Why? Well, Motionflow XR 240 technology smoothes out the pictures, analyses every frame and displays more natural movement. Furthermore, Sony KDL-70550A is powered by an advanced noise reduction algorithm that increases image clarity, with high contrast and fluid motion frame. You can even connect your tablet or smartphone to the TV and add personal entertainment in the basic viewing pleasure.

One of the most important features of this HDTV is the 3D experience, theater-like quality with breath-taking clarity. The excitement delivered by this 3D feature is more explosive than that felt at cinema. Put on the comfortable 3D glasses and enjoy all of your favourite movies with no restrictions whatsoever. You can even play movies or any other video data from your USB flash drive or other PC sources. Considered one of the best HDTV from Sony, this model represents a great addition to your home, helping you experience something truly special every time you turn it on.


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