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Today, multitasking for millions of men and women is a way of life, especially when it comes to work related projects or individual endeavours. Today, the development of monitor technology is constantly improving, paving the way for new and powerful devices worthy of your attention. A good and advanced PC monitor can help you enhance the multimedia experience and thus raise your productivity levels during your gaming or media projects. Why shouldn’t you add an extra “muscle” to your viewing pleasure? Searching for the best computer monitor is a real journey through thousands of products, all claiming your profound attention. Well, upon reviewing one of the best computer monitor in 2019, we can safely recommend ViewSonic VX2250WM. This 22” inch LED monitor has an elegant, quite cheeky design with integrated stereo speakers that will simply enhance the quality of anything you watch on it. Every time you turn it one you will be greeted by incredible image clarity, due to the mercury free LED backlight widescreen display which can even save with 40% energy in direct comparison with the standard CCFL backlit LCD monitors. So, besides enjoying clear and sharp images, you will also save significant money at the end of the month. It is ideal for home of office usage, while the piano black finish makes it able to easily blend in any surrounding.


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ViewSonic VX2250WM LED monitorRegarded as one of the best computer monitors under 200, ViewSonic VX2250WM delivers a full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution, a brilliant 10.000.000:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio which maintain images sharp and clear. With a 5 MS response time you won’t have to worry about lag issues. This monitor can be mounted on a VESA stand or even on a wall mount bracket. One particular trait that stands out is the automatic aspect ratio adjustment system. This features permits inputs from 4:3 signals to be precisely displayed in the center of the monitor without stretching the image and thus diminishing the quality. You should know that this monitor delivers an impressive 1080p full high definition which keeps you connected with the story’s action. ViewSonic VX2250WM comes equipped with DVI and VGA inputs that expands the connectivity options. The monitor is a real addition to any home, helping you expand the viewing and gaming pleasure.

With a slim design and low EMI, this PC monitor has the ability to precisely dim the backlight and thus deliver pure darkness during dark scenes during movies. Considered by thousands of people as one of the best computer monitors under 200, the model represents a great way to watch movies, play games or simply enjoy an interesting documentary. The image quality will impress create a soothing and clear visual environment at your utmost control.


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