Which is the best coconut water from Vita


Drink delicious coconut water!

There are certain delights that need find their way in our lives, either as food or liquid. Well, today more and more people emphasized the immense pleasure they felt while drinking coconut water. Considered the best drink for hydration from the many types of drink available on the market, coconut water has tremendous positive effects on the organism. Which is the best coconut water? To this answer there can be only one answer, underlined by thousands of already satisfied customers that continue to drink it month after month: Vita Coco pure coconut water. This product from Brazil can be served chilled or mixed with other ingredients in order to form a delicious cocktail. Vita Coco coconut water comes in a case of twelve with 11.1-ounce containers which will delight your senses for days.

Why should you serve Vita Coco coconut water? A recent study, done in 2012, and presented in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, showed that coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes, which revitalizes the organism during physical workouts. First of all coconut water won’t significantly affect your blood sugar level. Secondly coconut water, such as Vita Coco is high in potassium and more importantly is free of fat, sugar and cholesterol. To this extent, it comes as no surprise to see, month after month, more and more people drink with pleasure Vito Coco coconut water.


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Most of the present top rated Vito Coco coconut water customer reports underline the delicious taste of the drink and its positive hydrating effects on the whole body. Vita Coco brand launched its first products in 2004, sold primarily in various health food stores, being cherished by growing number of people, men and young. In 2006, Vita Coco managed to make its way in all the mainstream groceries and more importantly was selling over 3000 retail doors, which is quite impressive. Now, in 2013, this tasty coconut water is sold in over 5000 retail doors in the US alone, not to mention distribution to other countries. It is fairly easy to understand why so many people are now drinking with such delight Vito Coco coconut water.

Considered the best drink for hydration and loved by professional athletes and regular individuals, Vita Coco is made out of 100% pure coconut water and also natural fruit purees which will delight you. The drink has more potassium than bananas, and will refresh every time. The natural taste of this coconut drink has no comparison with other products. It’s your time to be amazed by Vita Coco coconut water!


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