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Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28 reviewsHaving a pet at home requires a certain kind of vacuum cleaner to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning without clogging or loss of suction. With this, it is really advisable to get a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to clean after a home full of pets. Not only is it not practical to buy a vacuum cleaner every time your old one dies (because of clogging and inappropriate use), but it is also a waste of time to go through every area of your house twice just to make sure that every dust and pet hair was picked up. If ever this is your case, it is much better to get yourself one of those animal vacuum cleaners such as the Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28. In this article, we will give you a brief Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28 review so that you can have an idea of its features and whether you think this cleaner can work out for you.
The Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28, as said earlier, is a refurbished vacuum cleaner that is designed for homes that keep pets. Though it may not be brand new, the Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28 has been stripped down, cleaned, and reassembled to fully function just like a new one.

It is equipped with the Root Cyclone technology that provides thorough and effective cleaning while protecting the machine from clogging and losing suction. Furthermore, it comes with a motorized brushbar that helps pick more dust and hair left by your pets. With this, you can be sure that all dirt is sucked for more efficient cleaning. Added to that, this model also comes with a mini turbine head that cleans all pet hairs and dirt from confined spaces like stairs, upholstery, and cars. Though the Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28 is tough on dirt, it is definitely gentle on your floors. To avoid scratches and unsightly markings, this vacuum cleaner has an airmuscle technology that lets the machine accurately adjust to different type of floors to give it the appropriate cleaning.
With all these features, it is not unbelievable why a lot of people choose to get Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28. First off, since it is only refurbished, it is a lot cheaper than buying off a new one but you still get the same power and results. According to various Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28 customer reports, this vacuum cleaner model has a very powerful suction that you would be amazed how much dirt and hair it can pick up. It is also easily manoeuvred, so pushing it around the house requires no much effort.


Cleaning it is also very easy. However, paying a much lower price also comes with a certain risk. Though manufacturers promise that even if it’s refurbished, it still works well, you still need to check it out. Examine it thoroughly so you can detect early on if it is defective. But you don’t need to worry, you can return it to service centre if it is not working properly. All in all, getting Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28 is not a bad idea, especially if you are looking for a replacement vacuum cleaner or have lots of pets at home. This saves you a lot of money, and still gives you an A-class result.