Fagor 2-by-1 Splendind 5-Piece reviews

Fagor Splendid 5pc customer reports


Fagor Splendid 5pc reviewsCooking is a special art in which some are more gifted than others. Some like cooking very much but just don`t have the time for it. Modern technology has invented ways to cut back the time neccesary to cook meals. Thus making it easier and no longer time consuming. And on top of that over the years healthier ways to cook food have been found and I`m not talking about burgers or other fast food stuff. One such invention that has all these three qualities is the pressure cooker. This Fagor Splendid 5pc review will try to point you to such a device.

If you buy it, what you get is actually a cooking set, composed of two cooking pots, the first having 8 quart and the second 4 quart, a steamer basket, a interchangeble preassure cooker and tempered glass lids.  The first two pots can be used like regular ones or as preassure cookers with the special lid on.


They are made from 18/10 stainless steal with an encapsulated aluminium base, reaching its maximum preassure at 15 psi. For safety it has two preassure realease valves and one automatical locking handle, making sure that the lid stays in place. There is a visual preassure indicator so you can stay away from any unwanted complications. And on top of all this you have a 10 year warranty period. Oops, almost forgot that you have a recipe book included, too.

For washing them it is prefered that you do it by hand. This is the only special effort that you have to make for it to last you a lot more than the warranty period. The customers have a extremely good opinion and have made Fagor Splendid 5pc costumer reports that  have pointed out that it is ideal for cooking vegetables, pasta, meat or seefood. So they cut down on the time it takes to do them and it is easier and a lot healthier too. For time examples, one chicken is cooked in roughly one hour, with the Fagor 2 by 1 Preassure Cooker it takes 15 miutes. Another example brown rice is made in only 20 minutes when normaly it should take 50 minutes.

Cooking faster, easier and healthier is no longer a problem and if you are looking to buy something in this area than the Fagor Splendid 5pc costumer reports have proven that this is a sure investment. You will no longer have to be captive in your own kitchen, you will be able to enjoy cooking. The price is somewhere around 100$ and it is a very resonable one comparing to other preassure cookers out there. Oh and I guess the only thing that is left for me to say if you intend to buy it, is Bon Appetit!