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Fender Starcaster reviews

Fender Starcaster acoustic guitar pack produces the best sound at a low price. Read more about this guitar in this Fender Starcaster Review.

This guitar is an entry level instrument in quality. Though beginners might find it hard to play because when the guitar is newly bought, after playing it for a while their fingers were sore. Taking it to the local music shop may help. A general setup which consisted mainly of lowering the bridge and some mild truss rod adjustment will make a difference. But it is good to remember that playing the guitar is hard first as fingers must get callous before it can be more comfortable for the fingers to take the strong guitar wires.

There is also a built-in tuner in the guitar so you won’t have to worry about tuning the strings to the right pitch. For beginners, it would help them to tone the guitar with having to read a manual.

The package also included a separate tuner. The instructional DVD is also included in the package and it is designed to teach you the basics of playing guitar.

There are also extra strings included so that if during tuning or the actual playing, the guitar string gives in and get broken. Picks are a nice little bonus as well.


The design and exterior of the guitar is pretty and shiny. The tuning pegs and thumbscrews are of good quality so you’re ensured that it won’t easily be broken when you’re tuning your guitar. The chrome is really shiny. The guitar neck is made of mahogany wood and the fingerboard is made from rosewood.


The Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack contains a good sounding instrument with some wonderful accessories for the beginning guitarist on a budget.


Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Pack Specifics and Features:

–          two-tone Sunburst high-gloss finish

–          Set includes: guitar, picks, strap, tuner, DVD, gig bag and strings

–          Spruce top with totoise shell pick guard

–          Laminate mahogany sides

–          Chrome hardware

–          Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard

–          Saddle transducer

–          Dimension: 41 inches x 15.5 inches x 4.5 inches

–          Guitar bag: thin vinyl


A nice guitar package for the price. A great guitar for a beginner guitarist. The only thing I have to say negative which is no big deal, the guitar bag is just thin vinyl. Pretty good deal all in all.


If you just want to learn how to play guitar then your best bet is to get this kit. If you are a guitar player, keep searching for a different guitar. The strings are way to high from the neck but an easy fix is to take the bridge off the guitar and file the bottom of the bridge down, it will make the strings come closer to the neck, it may help to put a couple of v’s on the bridge too, to guide the strings. Change the strings to a better quality strings and after you are done customizing the guitar… gualá, there you have it. And the gig bag, well… if you are in a place like me (Afghanistan) it sure keeps the dirt out, but it does not protect it from the bumps it goes through here and there carrying it everywhere when going to practice with your buddies or just jam a little : ) My main reason why I bought this guitar is because I am deployed and I did not want to buy an expensive guitar when I know it is going to have a rough time with me : ) (my deployment buddy).