Using a flat iron for the first time isn’t easy. That’s why we took the time to put together a guide that you can come back to, just in case you need to remember the steps you need to do to get the smooth, sleek look you’ve been dreaming of. To get the right product, make sure to read as much info as possible and even browse through some consumer reviews, as some of the buyers who have encountered issues with their items will inevitably express their opinions bluntly.

One of the first details to consider is the material that has been used in the build of the flat iron. If your budget allows it, choose a model with a ceramic plate over one featuring a metal plate. The whole idea behind a ceramic plate is that it is able to diffuse heat in an efficient way, and won’t cause the same magnitude of damage on the user’s hair.

Most affordable ceramic plate models cost around fifty dollars. High-end, high-quality items can be as expensive as one hundred dollars. Since it’s your hair that risks getting burnt in the procedure, we advise you to pick the best flat iron for the money.


Using flat iron


Preparing your hair for the heat:

Straightening and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are the ones that you should utilize if you’re looking to straighten your hair. Wash your hair gently and allow the substances to go in the fiber. Remove the water from the hair gently, with the help of a towel, but don’t dry your hair excessively. Next, use a heat treatment or serum containing coconut, Moroccan, or argan oil, as these ones are known to preserve the sleek look throughout a whole day.

After applying the treatment, gently dry your hair using a hairdryer. Be sure to use a low temperature for extremely frizzy hair, as high temperature can actually stimulate the frizz and curls. Plus, using a low setting is healthy, as your hair will have to stand the high temperature of a flat iron, anyway.


Master the technique:

Turn on your flat iron and wait for it to heat up.  As a general rule, the curlier your hair, the higher the heat you’ll require. On the other hand, if your have thin hair, a high heat setting could damage it. To avoid ruining your hair, our recommendation is to start with the lowest setting and adjust the functions of the device in accordance with your hair’s needs.

Continue by separating your hair into sections. In fact, you can perform this task superficially while brushing your hair, before using a flat iron. The thickness of the sections has to be 1 to 2 inches. To avoid the rest of the hair getting in the way, pin or clip the other sections towards the top of your head.

Start using the flat iron by placing it as close to the scalp as possible, around 1 inch from the surface of the skin. Individuals with wavy hair sometimes prefer starting to straighten their hair at the end of the locks, and progress towards the scalp. By contrast, people with very curly hair should start straightening in the proximity of the hair root. The entire technique relies on clamping the iron down on the sections and then running the device all down the hair length.

Consistency and patience are key to a perfectly straight hair, so be sure to place the flat iron over the sections for as long as it’s needed. If you use a low setting, you’ll have to use the straightener more times on a section.

Continue with the rest of your hair, by taking separate strands and using the straightener on each of them. If frizz is something you regularly need to deal with, use a setting serum right after straightening each section.



Maintaining the look:

To make sure that your hair remains straight for the rest of the day, use your hairdryer on the cool setting right after you’ve wrapped up the straightening process. After blow drying your hair for about a minute, apply a setting spray or hair spray. Since this is not a permanent process, you’ll probably have to take an umbrella with you in case the weather is rainy.



Straightening your hair shouldn’t occur every day, as excessive heat could damage it in the long run. Using a flat iron is safe as long as you do it every 2 to 3 days. If you use high-quality serums or hair sprays, the finished look could last you from one day to two, thus giving your hair enough time to get back in shape.