To be able to determine the best skin care routine for you, there has to be diligent evaluation of your current skincare regimen and what may need to be taken away or retained to ensure consistency in results. You should not only know which products work together but also determine what each product can do to your skin and the specific order in which to apply them. Here’s what to do to optimize skin care products.


Skin care products


Know which products are necessary and why they are so:

A cleanser should be water soluble and gentle to the skin while being able to remove makeup, oil and debris. This type of skin product works better than just ordinary water rinsing by allowing the other skin care products to work even better.

A toner should be expertly formulated to apply smoothly, calming and softening the skin while eliminating all traces of makeup. It should also be able to add essential skin-repairing components after the skin is cleansed. This will ensure adequation hydration and replenishment of the surface of the skin after it is cleansed, while working to reduce dry patches and redness.

An exfoliant removes accumulated dead skin cells to reveal young, new skin beneath. This product is necessary to eradicate the effects of sun damage, which can cause abnormal skin thickening due to piled-up skin cells, which can be exacerbated by oily skin and acne. The exfoliating action prevents clogged pores and solves uneven skin tone problems as well as dullness and deep-seated wrinkling. Superficial exfoliation is delivered by alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) while beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) exfoliate both the surface of the skin and the inside of the skin pores.

For acne treatment systems, which are usually applied after exfoliants, you need an ingredient such as benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria that cause acne and also to help reduce skin redness, for clear skin.

Brown spots and discolorations can be gradually reduced and eliminated with at least once-a-day application of skin lighteners, which decrease the production of the skin pigment known as melanin that causes those issues.

Skin serum is filled with anti-aging and anti-oxidative ingredients to protect the skin from environmental damage caused by the pollution or the sun, visibly improving skin clarity, protecting from redness and encouraging healthy collagen production while improving the appearance of wrinkles.


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An essential morning treatment is anti-aging/anti-wrinkle moisturizer with sunscreen, which keeps the skin protected against sun damage. To be effective enough, this product should have an SPF rating of 25 or higher, and be able to provide broad-spectrum shielding to prevent brown spots, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.

An anti-aging/anti wrinkle moisturizer will help the skin look younger and healthier by improving its healthy functioning and keeping it smooth and soft. This type of product can be used around the eye area.

People use targeted treatment formulas as optional extras for specific skincare concerns. These products may be necessary to keep the skin hydrated, to calm it, absorb excess oil or focus on an occasional skin concern or special need.



Differentiate between an essential routine and an advanced routine for the morning and evening:

For a step-by-step basic routine, one uses the fundamental types of products regardless of their skin type. This essential routine follows the same procedure morning and evening, with the only difference being a sunscreen- formulated moisturizer in the morning to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Thus, you follow a cleanser with an exfoliant and a moisturizer during the morning and evening routines.

Now, an individual may require using an advanced routine that includes targeted treatments to handle personal skincare issues, including acne, redness, sun damage, wrinkles, rosacea or brown spots. The essential routine is thus supplemented by other steps, all constituting an advanced routine, which makes toners a second step, both morning and evening. The treatment system is applied after the exfoliant, and as an option, targeted treatment products follow the moisturizer segment of the routine.


Skin care products


Extras do help:

Sensitive skin may be helped by using fragrance-free moisturizer and layering it with serum on top instead of applying the latter under the former. The creamy formulation of the moisturizer reduces the potency of the serum while being less likely to irritate the skin.

It won’t hurt to add small doses of oil for radiance, applying it after creams on dry spots. This item can be skipped altogether when using more than two serums under a moisturizer.

Some people can do better with a super anti-aging ingredient such as retinoid to make the skin look younger.



Skin care products are designed to cleanse, protect, prep, moisturize and ensure normal skin functioning while also handling various issues and concerns that are often personal in nature. There’s no one-size-fits-all regimen and different individuals may have to do repetitive trial-and-error procedures to find what works best for them. Be able to find yours by paying heed to that simple advice.