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Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn reviewsYour child’s education is priceless. Call it a “Laughtop” or a “Laptop”, the Fun 2 Learn Laughtop Laptop is great way to bring laugh and learning together while teaching your preschoolers about Math and Vocabulary. It’s a laptop just for kids—full of learning along with laughter! Read more about this in the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Review.

This electronic learning toy laptop by Fisher-Price promotes learning through engaging activities which guarantees every preschooler really enjoys. Learning key foundational academic skills in Phonics, upper and lowercase letters, letter recognition and letter order is easy with Fun 2 Learn Laughtop. Kids will have fun learning letters, phonics and mouse skills through different levels of game play. Designed for preschoolers age three or older, beginners to advanced players, kids will explore cool mazes, play music, and learn Vocabularies and Mathematics the fun way.

The Fun 2 Learn Laughtop features three modes: Letters, Phonics Fun Mouse Game and Tunes. When children touch the laptop’s keys, it plays notes from the musical scale, fun musical melodies and entire musical pieces.

This learning toy has a green backlit LCD that displays exciting animations, while listening to music and sounds and discover other fun surprises, making learning very interesting and fun for children.

Well, times are changing—everyone is becoming more and more electronically connected. What a wonderful way to introduce kids in learning how to check their email but through this wonderful device. The Fun 2 Learn Laughtops allow for kids to check e-mail on their very own laptop.

Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn review clearly shows the many outstanding and attractive features this laptop has. These laptops are designed with the preschoolers in mind. Fun 2 Learn Laughtop is easy to open and operate—kids can do it themselves. Perfectly designed for the little one, it really draws them in right from the start. It is easy to navigate and kids learn how to use it on their own.

Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn customer reports that not only this toy makes learning fun. It also helps parents or guardians in babysitting their preschoolers. While kids enjoy the activities in their laptop, mothers can get some work done or when she would need a minute for herself. Kids would love to carry their laptop around and have fun with it. Bring it while you travel and it will surely keep the interest of the kids for a long period of time.

It requires three (3) pieces of “AA” size (LR6) alkaline batteries (not included). The Fun 2 Learn Laughtop measures only 8” x 10.75” x 8.25” and weighs 2.6 pounds and very sturdy. Very colorful and cute, it could one of the best investments you can have for your kids as a parent or guardian. It is indeed a real value for your hard-earned money.

Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Specifics and Features:

–          three (3) pieces of “AA” size (LR6) alkaline batteries

–          8” x 10.75” x 8.25”

–          2.6 pounds

–          easy to open and operate

–          easy to bring

–          plays notes from the musical scale

–          fun musical melodies and entire musical pieces.

–          Game for learning letters, phonics and mouse skills


According to the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn customer reports, the parents who have bought this for their preschoolers considered it as a great investment.