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Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo reviewsTo make it possible for your baby to enjoy time at home, you should give your child a variety of products that will infuse fun in their growth, such as the one that is discussed in the rest of this Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo review. This product is a swing that can deliver two basic functions: swinging side-to-side in a motion that imitates a cradle and a swinging motion from head to toe. Regardless of the function, it will surely be fun for your baby to have such product in your house. The rest of this article will provide you with some of its good features, as well as the imitations that have been noticed by people who have already brought this product. By the time you have finished reading the article, you will have a better idea on whether or not you should purchase this model.

Many of the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo customer reports published in the past has given an emphasis on the multitude of features that can be enjoyed by your baby with this swing. For instance, it has six different swing speeds that will allow you to choose which one will be suited depending on the mood of your baby. Aside from the variable swing speeds, there are also 8 songs that can be chosen. Out of the 8 songs, 4 are playful music and 4 are soothing music. If your child has a lot of energy to play and have fun, you should choose the playful music. On the other hand, if your child would want to rest, you should opt for the soothing music instead. The swing also comes with a volume control to let you set how much you would want to be heard by your baby.

Another thing that is important to be noted in this Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo review is that it has the capability to offer entertainment to your child, while being cradled in the swing. For instance, it comes with a large mirrored dome and can be able to mesmerize your child. In addition, it also comes with a motorized mobile at which you can hang some toys. As it revolves, your baby will surely be entertained. The swing also comes with a removable tray at which toys can be placed.

Aside from fun and entertainment, this swing also offers the benefit of security for your child. It comes with a drabble base, which means that it can stay sturdy in spite of the movements that will be made by your baby. There is also a belt harness to keep your child in place.

However, there were also some complaints made by customers of this product. The most significant would be with regards to motor failure. Several complaints have been received about how the product failed to work after some time, leaving parents and babies disappointed.

To know more about the pros and cons of using this product, consult various Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo customer reviews to make it easier for you to decide as to whether or not you should purchase this model.